One of the Borderlands series’ most defining features is its unique art style. It’s not cell-shaded, and it’s not pure polygonal. It’s a blend of hand-drawn inking techniques and rendered models, and is instantly recognizable and absolutely unmistakable.Borderlands 3

carries on this tradition, adding new characters, locations, weapons and enemies to the franchise. The upcoming The Art of Borderlands 3 book collects the art involved with creating the next game in the Borderlands series.

Take a look at some of the pages from The Art of Borderlands, releasing October 29:

Sneak Peek at The Art of Borderlands 3

The Art of Borderlands 3 was written by former Rare Ltd. designer Chris Allcock, with an introduction by Gearbox Art Director Scott Kester.

The Art of Borderlands 3 comes out October 29 and can be preordered from publisher Insight Editions or from Amazon.

Borderlands 3 is our IGN First game for August 2019, and you can check out all our coverage, like the first 14 minutes of Borderlands 3, all month long.

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