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This page contains all known information on any Cheats and Secrets found in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Though you are initially given the choice between the titular Three Houses in this Fire Emblem game, there is a fourth path that is not revealed unless you know where to look – and join a specific house.

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If you choose to lead the Black Eagles, there will be a life-altering decision to make near the end of Part One, during Chapter 11: Throne of Knowledge. Speaking to Edelgard while exploring the Monastery, she will ask that you accompany her to the capital of the Empire, Enbarr, for a secret.

This will set in motion certain events that will lead you to siding with Edelgard when war eventually breaks out across Fodlan.

However, this is not the only path. When you are confronted with a second choice during the main mission of Chapter 11 in the Holy Mausoleum, you can also choose to not side with Edelgard, and stay with the Church of Seiros instead. If you do not speak with Edelgard during the month while exploring the Monastery, this will be the only option you can take.

Siding with Edelgard will unlock the path – Part Two: Crimson Flower, while siding against her will unlock the path – Part Two: Silver Snow. The Black Eagles are the only house that has two different branching paths, and they come with certain consequences.

By siding with Edelgard, you will lose access to certain character who will want to stay at Garreg Mach Monastery, and include Flayn, Seteth, and Catherine.

By staying with the Church of Seiros, you will lose access to Edelgard herself, as well as her retainer Hubert, but any other students in your house – including those recruited from other houses – will remain by your side. In addition, Seteth, Catherine, and other units loyal to the church will join your team automatically – and you will be able to recruit Hilda of the Golden Deer during Chapter 12 only (who otherwise cannot join the Black Eagles).

Easy Resets[edit]

Tired of having to close and re-open Fire Emblem each time you make a costly mistake, or get the wrong outcome during a tea session?

Though the game never tells you, there is a method to quickly reset the game and return to the title screen without having to close the game. At any point in the game, you can hold L+R and the + and – buttons, and the game will cut to black, and you’ll reappear back at the main menu, and can quickly reload your save file, or your last autosave!

Recruit Characters Without Skill or Stat Experience[edit]

As you talk to students in other houses, you’ll find that you can recruit them to your team – but only if they are interested in your specific skill and stats in a certain field.

Because some of the skills they want you to have are often well outside your wheelhouse, or require anywhere from a C+ to a B+, it can be tough to interest the students you really want to join.

If you plan things right, you can actually end up recruiting students without having to waste all your time on Faculty Training. To do this, you’ll need to invest a lot of time building up support bonds with the students you want to impress. By having them assist in a mission and fighting alongside them, eating together in the Dining Hall, finding their Lost Items, giving them Gifts, and having Tea Time with them after reaching a C Support, you may eventually be able to unlock a B support rank with the students even before they join your team.

Once a prospective student has a B Support rank with you, you’ll find that the requirements they have for Skills and Stats may be drastically reduced to the point that they’ll join your team without reservation, even if you have a E+ or D rank in the skill they want.

Be sure to make use of the Garden to cultivate flowers to use as gifts – and see our Gift Guide to make every present count. You should also check out where to find the Lost Items each student needs is located, and also the best Tea and Conversation Topics to get a perfect teatime and maximize your bonds.

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