It’s been a while since Final Fantasy VII’s remake was announced at Sony’s E3 conference and the game has only been seen once in video form since then, with nary a peep in the last few years. The game has changed developers and a lot of the work has reportedly been completely restarted, which gives director Tetsuya Nomura an opportunity to rethink Final Fantasy VII’s conventions. One way of doing that, Nomura says, is to consider which of the Final Fantasy VII compilation titles might be better wrapped into the main story.

At a closed event for the Switch port of The World Ends With You, the attending Tetsuya Nomura was asked about one of the Compilation games. Nomura’s response, translated by Gematsu, seems to wistfully wonder aloud how those games should fit into the FFVII remake.

“Not everyone may know this, but I’m remaking Final Fantasy VII,” Nomura said with a laugh. “Right now I’m concentrating on Kingdom Hearts III, but when that’s finished, VII will be where I head next. I’m thinking about ideas regarding the remake’s release — I even spoke to producer Kitase about it today. All of us old-timers are considering various developments in regards to what accompanies the remake. Like if we can manage to do something about the Compilation [of Final Fantasy VII] titles too. But for the time being, please wait for VII‘s turn to come.”

The FFVII Compilation was a series of side games in usually different genres that Square Enix started releasing through the 2000s. Those games included pre-smartphone mobile game Before Crisis, which told the story of the Turks; Dirge of Cerberus, a post-FFVII action shooter starring Vincent Valentine; and Crisis Core, a prequel focusing on SOLDIER member Zack. There were also two movies, Advent Children and Last Order, that count as part of the Compilation.

While Nomura has a penchant for strange names, the FFVII Compilation titles mostly follow the naming scheme of AC, BC, CC, and DC, with Last Order then screwing everything up.

Final Fantasy VII was announced for PlayStation 4 in June 2015.

[Source: Gematsu]

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