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This portion of the guide explains how to play Wolfenstein: Youngblood in co-op mode. Co-Op is only available online with friends or random players. If you’ve purchased the deluxe edition, you can play with a friend who does not own the game via the Buddy Pass system explained below.

You can play Wolfenstein: Youngblood co-op but only online with friends or random players.

Below are your options when you start the game:

  • Host a Match: when hosting a match you can choose to play with a friend or allow a random online player join you.
  • Quick Match: join a co-op game via matchmaking (random player online).
  • Join a Game: join a co-op game with a friend.

Co-Op vs. Solo Play[edit]

Regardless of how you play, you will have Sophie or Jess fighting alongside you. You’ll still have the option to revive each other. You will still share lives. When playing solo, your partner is A.I. When playing co-op your partner is a friend or another online player.

Co-op is drop in/drop out since the character is always with you.

Any leveling up you do while helping someone during their campaign carries over to your game.

How to co-op with people who do not own the game (Buddy Pass System)[edit]

In order to play Wolfenstein: Youngblood with someone who does not own the game, you’ll need to have the Deluxe Edition which will give you the Buddy Pass.

(Note: the Standard Edition is $29.99 and the Deluxe Edition is $39.99)

The Buddy Pass allows you to invite a friend who hasn’t purchased Wolfenstein: Youngblood to play through the entire game with you for no additional cost.

You can only play with one friend at a time, but you can use the Buddy Pass to invite as many friends as you want.

Buddy Pass players will not receive achievements or trophies on console.

Local/Couch Co-Op Is Not an Option[edit]

While Wolfenstein: Youngblood has a co-op mode, there is no local co-op option.

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