Two classic Star Wars games will be getting re-released: 1991’s The Empire Strikes Back for NES and Game Boy, and 1997’s Shadows of the Empire

for N64.The classic games, which come in either a “Classic” or “Premium” edition, are being brought back by Limited Run Games and are available for pre-orders starting on July 26, 2019. The Classic editions cost $40-45 USD and come with the game cartridge for the original hardware (sorry, no digital versions – you’ll need to dust off your N64 or pick up a Retron 5), in a package based on the era the action figure for the game would have released in.

The Premium editions, which will retail for $85-90 USD come in a larger box and feature additional items like collectors coins, pins, posters and art cards.

“Shadows of the Empire was a big deal for Star Wars fans in the ’90s,” said Limited Run co-founder Josh Fairhurst in a recent interview with “There was a book, a soundtrack, a comic; it was a multimedia event. It almost felt like a new movie, so it has this kind of epic scale to it that a lot of older games don’t. And I think fans are gonna really appreciate that — going back and rediscovering it.”

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Fairhurst also announced that Limited Run has plans to tackle other classic Star Wars games, starting with 1995’s Dark Forces. “I think that Dark Forces is a pretty formative game for a lot of Star Wars fans, and it features Kyle Katarn, who everybody loves. So I think there’s gonna be a lot of hype going into that one.”

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Will you be picking up these Star Wars classics? Or are you holding out for digital versions on modern consoles? Let us know in the comments below, and if you’re in the mood for more old-school Star Wars stuff, check out a full history of Star Wars games up until the start of this generation.

JR is a Senior Editor at IGN, and is still waiting for Lucasfilm to stop being cowards and canonize Kyle Katarn. He whines about it a lot on Twitter.

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