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Considering you’ll be fighting hordes of Freakers in Days Gone, guns are of utmost important. Here’s how to buy guns and permanently store them in your gun locker.

How to Store Guns[edit]

Though you can find, pick up, and use any gun or weapon you find out in the world in Days Gone, you won’t be able to claim ownership of them. Meaning, you will not be able to store them in Deacon‘s Gun Locker to use for later.

If you drop or leave behind a gun you found, that’s where it will stay. On the other hand, if you drop a gun you own, you will be able to retrieve it from any Gun Locker in the world in Days Gone.

Retrieve Guns From Lockers Here:

In order to “own” a gun, you must buy it. Then, it will automatically be stored inside the locker.

To permanently add a gun to your Gun Locker, you must purchase it from a camp, or earn it by playing through the Main Story.

The first guns available for purchase will be attainable at the second camp you encounter in Days Gone. In order to purchase more powerful guns, you must first Earn Trust with the camp and earn credits by turning in bounties, sending saved strangers their way, and completing quests for them. 

Before going on a shopping spree consider the Best Camps to Invest In. The most powerful weapons will be available at Camps that don’t appear until later in the game.

Tip: There’s a light machine gun available for purchase at Tucker’s camp, but requires a high level of credits and trust to purchase. Don’t bother. If you focus on the story, you’ll gain access to a better gun at the next camp sooner.

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