I’m in for a very explody week.

I now have in my possession a review copy of Rage 2 – specifically the PC version, with PlayStation and Xbox to follow. We’re free to post reviews as of Monday, May 13 at 5AM Pacific time, which is when Rage 2 should become publicly available for those of us in the far-flung future timezones of the planet, but if we’re being honest here I’m not super confident I’ll be able to power through it by then. Avalanche and id’s open-world post-apocalyptic shooter is pretty broad, and Bethesda indicates it could take dozens of hours to spectacularly murder most of its inhabitants. (Fun as it sounds, driving around the wasteland blasting goons is also not the ideal Mother’s Day activity, to be honest.) But I’ll do my best to get this thing nailed down before too long.

In the meantime, by all means, check out our smorgasbord of Rage 2 preview coverage, including Tom Marks’ extensive hands-on preview from a couple of weeks ago. He’s played more than I have at this point, so that’s the best info you can get right now. As for me: it’s back to work in the Rage mines. I’ll see you next week!

Dan Stapleton is IGN’s Reviews Editor. You can follow him on Twitter to hear gaming rants and lots of random Simpsons references.

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