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In Mortal Kombat 11, you’ll quickly learn that there are three big currencies needed to make the most of your journey into the Krypt: Koins, Hearts, and Soul Fragments.

Of all the currencies, Koins are perhaps the most important to accumulate – as they are needed to open the bulk of the many treasure chests you can find in the Krypt, and can reward you with everything from Skins to Fatalities

Koins can be earned in many ways – but they cannot be purchased as microtransactions, so you’ll have to work hard to amass great amounts. Below you will find several ways to farm Koins.


Yes that’s right – even if you think you know it all, there’s a point to completing Mortal Kombat 11’s extensive tutorial options. More than just learning about the different mechanics of the game – each tutorial section is divided up into several sub-sections, and each of these award you with 1,000 Koins for each one.

This may not sounds like a whole lot, but there happen to be 42 different sub-sections of each of the 7 main sections: Basics, Advanced, and Strategy – which means you stand to gain 42,000 Koins for seeing the whole thing through.

Note that the individual Character Lessons do NOT give koin rewards, only a Skin for each character you complete lessons with.

The Krypt[edit]

It may seem odd, but the very place you need to spend your hard-earned Koins can also be a great place to accumulate some wealth. The Krypt hides several rewards that will give you a surprising windfall of cash – but it’s limited, and once these rewards are earned they cannot be gained again. Consider the following actions to take while in the Krypt:

  • DO NOT MISS both starting chests when you first begin the Krypt. Either of the chests with no cost to unlock will open the door to the rest of the palace, but both chests give 50,000 Koins each – making for a great starter fund of 100,000 Koins!

  • Ring the gongs found in the Courtyard and the Warrior’s Shrine with Shao Kahn‘s War Hammer, and you’ll get 25,000 Koins each time you do so!

  • Solve Puzzle Doors by placing the items needed into them, like the Gem of the Living into the Balance door by the Courtyard, or Motaro’s Horn into the door leading to Goro’s Lair, and the Dragon Amulet into the Dragon Door by the Mountain Pass. Each of these puzzles solved will earn you 5,000 Koins.
  • Find Levers and Chains to open gates to access new areas of the Krypt – like the one that opens the Dojo gate, or the many gates in Goro’s Lair, and you’ll be rewarded with 1,000 Koins each time you do so.
  • Once you have Ermac’s Amulet, you can manipulate souls to clear out rubble blocking your progression. Clear out the rubble when you first get the amulet to receive 5,000 Koins, and look on the stairs below the Warrior Shrine to find two more smaller rubble piles to clear and earn 3,000 Koins each!

Fighting and The Towers[edit]

Most of your time spent earning Koins will probably be spent fighting – so be sure to make the most of which modes you play to earn as much money as possible.

  • Completing a match will always earn you a small amount of Koins that will no doubt add up over time. Losing a match will only earn you around 100, but a good victory can net you anywhere from 300-500 Koins depending on skillful you were.
  • Most of the Klassic Towers, and even some of the Towers of Time will offer Kompletion Rewards for beating an entire tower – regardless of how well you did. It usually ranges from 1,000 Koins or more depending on how lengthy or difficult the tower is, but this can also be earned in conjunction with other rewards.

  • Each Tower has its own Performance Rewards, and the first threshold is almost always an additional amount of Koins. Shorter towers usually only reward around 750 to 1,000 Koins for getting a certain amount of points, but certain Towers like the Novice Klassic Tower includes an additional reward of 7,500 Koins for meeting the final tier of points earned. Since the tower is only 5 rounds long, you can stand to make a bit of money quickly once you get into a good rhythm. To maximize your score – always go for Brutality finishers to get an extra 50k points, or perform a Mercy (15k points) to try again if you miss your Brutality – or end with a Fatality if nothing else (25k points). If you’re still having trouble getting the higher score, turn up the difficulty to increase your score multiplier.
  • Most Towers will feature at least one Dragon Challenge round – and in this round you’ll be given random objective around every 10 seconds. Each one of these objectives is a chance to earn an easy 100 Koins – which can add up fast if you can adapt quickly. Plus, they also count for 10k points each when adding up your score to get those Koin bonuses.
  • Certain Towers of Time will have both Completion Rewards that may include a set amount of Koins for each tower completed, as well as Objective Rewards for clearing all Towers on an island – which can also include a fair amount of Koins. When added to the Performance Rewards and Dragon Challenges – this can turn into a fair amount of loot, so be sure to look at rewards first when figuring out where to fight next.

Daily Challenges and The Race Against Time[edit]

An online feature within the Towers of Time is the Race Against Time bonus, which you can check on your Kombat Kard or while viewing any of the Towers of Time.

As you complete towers and earn new high scores, you’ll automatically be placed into the global rankings for scores that week. So long as you play just a bit every week, you should at least hit the top 99% of all players posting their scores – and the reward for the top 99% is usually a heft sum of 50,000 Koins. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait one week for the race to finish and the rewards to be distributed.

There are also Daily Challenges that pay out Koins much faster than the Race Against Time, as you can get 10,000 Koins each day for performing whatever the challenge is – usually fighting as a certain character or performing a certain amount of moves. If you miss out on doing some, you can complete up to three days worth at a time from the days you missed – but you’ll have to wait until the next day for a new challenge to show up.

Summoned Tower – the Cache of Wealth[edit]

Certain chests in the Krypt may just contain a special Tower Key used to summon unique towers in the Towers of Time. In particular, the Shimmering Stone Tower Key will summon the Cache of Wealth, a very difficult tower that will award you with huge sums of Koins if you manage to complete it in time – more than 150,000 Koins in all!

Expect these towers to offer tough resistance – and you’ll probably have to go up against an Endurance Battle in the final round pitting you against multiple opponents. Since you’ll only have one hour to beat the tower before it vanishes – make sure that you have a lot of good Konsumables to use to assist you in your climb up the tower, or even Skip Fight Tokens to breeze past the early fighters to the final fight.

If you’ve gotten to the point where you are confident in your gear, Augments, and tactics – you may want to try out having an AI Fighter go in your place when trying to gather currency in the Towers.

When selecting your fighter, you can press a button to toggle your AI Fighter to take your place, and they will use any of your Augments, Special Moves – and any tactics you have assigned in the options for them to favor.

AI Fighters are pretty competent enough to handle fights without you needing to worry too much – just be sure you give them the right Konsumables to counter any incoming challenges. They can even perform Fatalities and Brutalities to score additional currency, and you’ll still get rewards at the end of the match.

The only downside is that using an AI fighter puts a 0.85x multiplier on your score, which can stop you from getting performance rewards – even if your fighter is getting Fatalities and doing a pretty good job. It’s best to employ AI fights when you want to take a break, and there’s guaranteed Completion Rewards that net you a good amount of Koins.

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