Bosses are special enemies found in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These enemies will have their own, isolated, arenas and a large health bar. They also have a myriad of attacks and abilities. Unlike minibosses, the Bosses you encounter will often change their tactics as you perform Shinobi Finishers to lower their health pool.

Some bosses may require you to lower their health before you can rack off enough posture damage to even land a deathblow as well.

Consult the list below to find out how best to take on the toughest bosses in Sekiro, learn their movesets, see where they are located, and what rewards they drop upon defeat.

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Boss Area Location Loot
Gyoubu Oniwa Ashina Outskirts Mechanical Barrel, Memory: Gyoubu
Lady Butterfly Hirata Estate Sakura Droplet,

Memory: Lady Butterfly

Genichiro Ashina Ashina Castle Bloodsmoke Ninjitsu,

Memory: Genichiro

Guardian Ape Sunken Valley Slender Finger,

Memory: Guardian Ape

Folding Screen Monkeys Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo Puppeteer Ninjitsu,

Memory: Folding Screen Monkeys

Headless Ape Ashina Depths Prayer Bead x2,

Memory: Headless Ape

Corrupted Monk Ashina Depths Mibu Breathing Technique,

Memory: Corrupted Monk

Great Shinobi – Owl Ashina Castle (Dusk) Aromatic Branch,

Memory: Great Shinobi

Corrupted Monk – True Monk Fountainhead Palace Memory: True Monk, Dragon’s Tally Board
Divine Dragon Fountainhead Palace Memory: Divine Dragon, Divine Dragon‘s Tears
Demon of Hatred Ashina Castle (Night)Ashina Outskirts Memory: Hatred Demon, Lapis Lazuli x2
Isshin, the Sword Saint Ashina Castle (Night): Ashina Reservoir Memory: Saint Isshin, Dragon Flash Skill

The following bosses can only be encountered when choosing to forsake Lord Kuro around halfway through the story. These bosses can only be fought during the “Shura Ending”.


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