Overwatch’s new hero, Baptiste, is out now for everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Baptiste had been available on Overwatch’s PTR for a while now, but he’s finally available for everyone on every platform. Like Overwatch’s other post-release characters, he’s free.

Baptiste is Overwatch’s 30th hero. A combat medic who serves as a support class in Blizzard’s hero shooter, his primary weapon is the Biotic Launcher, which is a burst-fire rifle that fires three rounds at a time. His secondary fire heals allies.

He is also capable of jumping extra high thanks to his powerful Exo Boots. Additionally, Baptiste wields an “Immortality Field” that creates a field that keeps his allies alive, while he also has an “Amplification Matrix” that doubles damage and healing effects.

Check out the video in the embed above to see Baptiste in action.

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