Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giant DLC will add cosmetics, a whole new ending, and even a cheeky God of War reference.

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has revealed details and a PC date for its previously announced Rise of the Giant DLC.

The free update will arrive for the PC version on March 28, and will add an entirely new area called the Caverns that will have a brand new boss as the end. It will also bring a new “Skinning” system that will add more than 50 outfits for your character that can be found as blueprints from enemies in higher difficulties, from bosses, and in certain secret areas.

Motion Twin released a new trailer that shows off a few moments of the new content, which you can watch below:

Rise of the Giant also include a hidden level and boss fight that Motion Twin explains was “added for very advanced and skilled players to explore,” that will act as an alternate ending to the game. Additionally, the DLC adds 10 new enemies, three new skills, 10 new weapons (including one called the “Boï Axe” as a cheeky God of War reference), and new items and mutations.

A whole host of other various tweaks are arriving as well, including a new Specialist shop, changes to the Custom Mode, a food rebalance, changes to the Legendary Forge, and a general increase to player HP. You can read about all of the balance changes in the official patchnotes here.

It’s not clear yet when Rise of the Giant will make its way to other platforms. Dead Cells won IGN’s award for Best Action Game of 2018 last year, and it’s only gotten bigger since it left Early Access last August.

Tom Marks is IGN’s Deputy Reviews Editor and resident pie maker, and he can’t wait to swing the Boï Axe. You can follow him on Twitter.

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