Fortnite Season 8 is being set up to be a big one and we’ve got all the officially released teasers and in-game clues rounded up in one place. Read on for pirate themed hints, clues pointing towards a volcano, earthquake appearances, and a tribute to that poor building in Tilted Towers.

Any leaks or accidental reveals can appear at any moment before the launch of Season 8. We’ll cautiously add any leaks so be aware of spoilers! Images will be linked rather than posted within the page.

Each event is listed in order of appearance. Jump to each section with these links:

Three Battle Pass Skins Leaked (February 27)[edit]

You did it again, Microsoft. A preview banner for Season 8 went up a little too early over in the Games tab of the Xbox One menu. The image features three new skins that will likely be part of the Battle Pass.

If you’d like to take a look, even though Season 8 is a mere few hours away, click here.

The Full Teaser (February 27)[edit]

Combining all four official teasers produces an image of a skull, reinforcing the pirate theme seen earlier with the pirate hook image.

There also seems to be a volcano at the bottom, a cool detail considering Wailing Woods is currently decaying and darkening.

Titled Towers Building Destroyed Again (February 27)[edit]

It’s that time of the season again. After just a few weeks in its complete and final version, the center building in Tilted Towers was destroyed when a crack from an earthquake formed underneath.

For players unaware, this unfortunate building has been subject to destruction in multiple seasons. It was first destroyed at the start of Season 4 when a meteor ripped through the center. After many weeks of rebuilding, the poor building was finished in Season 6 only to be crushed by the giant purple cube. Season 7 saw a third version of the building complete before the unfortunate earthquake struck.

Fourth Teaser (February 27)[edit]

The fourth teaser for Season 8 featured a volcano. The picture was accompanied by this text:

Explore the world
Challenge your fate
Unearth the secrets
Adventure awaits.
Season 8 starts tomorrow!

Third Teaser (February 26)[edit]

The third teaser for Season 8 featured a beast. The picture was accompanied by this text:

Awaken beasts
Of fire and ash
Battle it out
And loot the stash.
2 days to Season 8.

Second Teaser (February 25)[edit]

The second teaser for Season 8 featured a snake. The picture was accompanied by this text:

Sssomething shimmers
Within the cave…
But beware of those
Who arrive on waves.
3 days to Season 8.

First Teaser (February 24)[edit]

The first teaser for Season 8 featured a pirate hook against a red background. The picture was accompanied by this text:

“X” Marks The Spot
Treasure abound
Loot that has been lost
Can always be found.
4 days to Season 8.

Wailing Woods is Dying (February 24)[edit]

With just a days left of the season, the lush forest of Wailing Woods seems to be dying. With each passing day, the forest seems to be turning brown. Not just the leaves of the massive trees, but also the grassy areas and even the hedge maze in the center. Is this the last we’ll see of Wailing Woods?

Cracks Start to Appear Across the Map (February 14)[edit]

After hearing and a rumble, players south west of Tomato Town were able to witness a crack appear on the hill overlooking the nearby river. You can’t fall into the crack or doing anything to it, but this started a trend where cracks began appearing in random spots across the map over the next two weeks.

Other cracks can be found near Retail Row, Salty Springs, and Pleasant Park.

Prisoner Escapes (January 29)[edit]

The reward for completing your Snowfall Challenges is the cool Prisoner outfit, but this skin is more than just a neat cosmetic addition. Based on the loading screens unlocked for completing weekly challenges, there’s a story that hints towards a future Season 8.

The loading screens depict the Prisoner making his escape from the small prison underneath the castle at Polar Peak. After escaping, the Prisoner makes his way to a lone campfire in the desert biome. This spot overlooks the northern part of the map. The prisoner ultimately goes to another hill north of Wailing Woods where he activates a ring of fire.

So what does this all mean? Visiting each of these locations with the Prisoner outfit unlocks a new styles for the outfit the progressively change the character from an icy persona to a more volcanic look. Now that the Prisoner is free, what are his goals? Can we expect a volcano to form?

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