Did Thanos do this?

Red Dead Online players on Xbox One have been riding around in empty towns for close to a week, due to a glitch in the game.

Reported by Polygon and posted on Reddit and Twitter, players are describing the issues as the typical townsfolk being completely deleted from the areas, horses not spawning when they are called, and all animals being gone from the game.

Others are saying that Red Dead Online’s beta will just kick them out of the game entirely while they are beginning to play, in which, Rockstar sent a troubleshooting link to a player on Twitter who inquired about the issue. Players have responded by saying the troubleshooting does not work.

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player, Terry Binion, told Polygon that no matter how many times he calls for his horse, it does not spawn – unless if he reloads the map enough times or changes modes. Even then, he would ride around the map endlessly and find no animals.

Binion said that even when he drops a lure, which usually fish come swimming to in seconds, nothing happens.

Some players are also reporting that their player disappears once they mount their horse, and others said their horse disappears instead. Reddit user Lord_Chaka uploaded a video to the RDR2 subreddit, which now has over 22,000 upvotes – of him jumping onto an invisible horse and riding around.

In response to another user on Reddit saying they don’t see any animals or NPCs, and that all they want to do is hunt, Lord_Chaka said that you can still actually hunt, but only during story missions.

Rockstar has not made a public statement about the issues yet and players have been taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations. @LastActionJosh tweeted a meme Friday and said, “Just post a message admitting you know there’s a problem with Red Dead online servers for Xbox.”

Twitter user @GenuineJeremy tweeted, “Red Dead Online on Xbox is unplayable right now. No NPCs, no animals. My horse won’t even spawn. Been this way for a while. Missing out on all the extra XP. Pretty disappointing. #RDR2

According to Polygon, a player shared a support ticket with them, and was told Rockstar had received multiple reports on the problem and is working on resolving the issue before the new update comes next week.

The update, which is set to launch on Tuesday, Feb. 26, is said to bring numerous new features and game modes to the beta, including a new system for overly aggressive players, a new Law and Bounty system, and a Free Roam Event called Fool’s Gold and new weapons and clothing.

In the meantime, read about how Red Dead Redemption 2 sold over 23 million units by Dec. 31, 2018, and check out everything you need to know about Red Dead Online on IGN’s Wiki page.

IGN has reached out to Rockstar for comment and will update this article with any information.

Jessie Wade is a news writer at IGN and thinks ghost towns are pretty spooky. Chat with her on Twitter @jessieannwade.

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