Though Jump Force may lack the depth a traditional fighter will offer, there are still opportunities for us to look at the large roster of characters and rank them by their in-game stats.

This page will be updated as more is learned about Jump Force and the fighting game community surrounding it.

Tier by Base Character Stats[edit]

Whenever a new fighting game comes out, the experts in the community come up with a Tier list based on their tournament and competitive performances. Jump force is a more casual fighting game so all fighters are viable, but some stand above the rest.

Ranked Boost[edit]

Bellow is the tier list from RankedBoost as of February 22, 2019

Tier Characters(No Order)
S-Tier Frieza, Ichigo, Aizen, Naruto, Gaara, Hisoka, Shishio
A-Tier Sabo, Sasuke, Gon, Vegeta, Asta, Dragon Shiryu, Deku
B-Tier Goku, Hisoka, Rukia, Yugi Moto, Luffy, Boruto, Cell, Dai, Kakashi, Kenshin, Kenshiro
C-Tier Blackbeard, Killua, Kurapika, Sanji, Yusuke, Hancock, Dio, Jotaro
D-Tier Pegasus Seiya, Ryo Saeba, Sosuke, Toguro, Trunks
F-Tier N/A


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