In Jump Force, all of your favorite Shonen Jump characters enter the real world, thanks to a mysterious threat from forces known only as Kane and Galena.

After you are saved by Trunks from Frieza‘s initial attack on New York City and turned into a hero, Director Glover welcomes you to Umbras base and instructs you to chose a team. There are 3 teams to choose from:

  • Team Alpha: Lead by Goku (Joined by Piccolo, Zoro, and Gaara), their job is to protect the remaining territories from falling to Venoms. Join them if you want to protect innocents from further harm.
  • Team Beta: Lead by Luffy (Joined by Hancock, Boruto, and Sanji), their job is to attack and reclaim territories that were taken over by Kane, Galena, and the Venoms. Join them if you want to be on the front line and take back what the Venoms stole from the people.
  • Team Gamma: Lead by Naruto (Joined by Trunks, Sabo, Sasuke, and Kakashi), their job is recon and information gathering. Join Team Gamma if you enjoy lurking in the shadows and gathering information to support the Jump Force.
NOTE: The character you create will gain 4 special abilities based on the leaders of the team you have chosen. For example, choosing Team Gamma gives you Naruto‘s Rasengan, Sabo‘s Flame Fist, Sasuke‘s Fire Ball Jutsu, and Trunks Heat Dome Attack as your awakening move.

How to Join a Team[edit]

Once you complete the prologue and go to Umbras Base, Director Glover will instruct you to join a team…that’s about it. He gives you little direction on what to next.

To Join one of the 3 Jump Force Teams, you need to talk to each of the group’s leaders within their base and talk to their leaders.

Alpha Base is directly center, Beta Base is to the left, and Gamma Base is to the right. To bring up this map in game and see your location and the location of each base, hold Triangle/Y.

Group Leader Location[edit]

Below is the location of each leader inside their base, to continue in Jump Force you must walk up to each leader and talk to them with Circle/B.

Returning to Director Glover[edit]

Now that you have talked to each groups’ leader you can now return to Director Glover. Without any waypoints it can be a bit difficult to find him.

Just return to the center of the of the base and find the stairs behind the offline/online battle center (pictured below).

Go down the stairs and around the corner to your right. This will trigger a cut-scene allowing you to finally choose the team you would like to join. Once Glover is done speaking to you, you may select which team to join.

Boom! You are now apart of your dream team.

REMEMBER: The Team chosen determines your starting moves for the character you created for the story and that is all, It does not restrict mission access. Once you have selected your team you can buy the abilities of any hero from the store with Gold earned from missions and battles.

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