The beloved 3DS franchise is coming to the Switch.

Nintendo has announced a new entry in its beloved BoxBoy! Series, BoxBoy + BoxGirl, for the Nintendo Switch.

BoxBoy + BoxGirl will be released on April 26 for the Switch and features BoxGirl as a co-op partner. With her addition, BoxBoy + BoxGirl will feature cooperative gameplay to allow players to solve puzzles together. A separate adventure for Qudy, a rectangle-shaped boy, will also be included.

Nintendo has billed BoxBoy + BoxGirl as a brand new adventure in the series, with 270 stages to beat, the most of any game in the series.

Developed by Super Smash Bros. and Kirby: developers HAL Labatory, the BoxBoy series began in 2015 with the release of BoxBoy for the Nintendo 3DS. IGN gave the original BoxBoy! an 8.2 in our review, calling it “one of the cleverest puzzle platforms” our reviewer had ever played.

IGN then reviewed BoxBoxBoy!, the sequel, in 2016, giving it a 7.8, saying it leaned to heavily on platforming it didn’t quite nail, but had enough intriguing puzzles to solve.

A third entry in the series, Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, came to the 3DS in 2017, which also saw the debut of a BoxBoy amiibo.

BoxBoy + BoxGirl is the first entry designed for the Nintendo Switch.

Be sure to stay tuned to IGN for more from the Feb. 13 Nintendo Direct.

Jonathon Dornbush is IGN’s News Editor and host of Beyond! Talk to him on Twitter @jmdornbush.

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