The Phase II Clone Trooper Helmet from ANOVOS is here….

Straight from Kamino, the Clone Troopers are here!

After five years of research and modeling, we strongly believe we have created the definitive real-world Episode III Clone Trooper, pulling this iconic helmet straight from the screen and into reality. As you may know, this helmet only ever existed in the digital realm. We know that as a fan you will appreciate the unique challenges associated with reproducing this particular helmet and thus the consideration for practicality that had to be engineered. Adapted from the original digital assets created by Lucasfilm, we have reconstructed the helmet with consideration for wearability, striving to not compromise the overall look of the helmet for fit.

We are so proud to be able to offer you this beautiful piece, fully assembled and ready to wear or display straight out of the box. This exclusive helmet is crafted in our highest end materials:

• A sturdy fiberglass shell for durability and weight.
• A removable face plate that accommodates fit without sacrificing accuracy.
• A weathered finish to ensure your helmet looks like it’s straight from the battlefield.
• Fully lined interior with adjustable inner sizing system for wearability (up to US 8 hat size).
• And of course, bragging rights!

Please note that our ordering window for this product will be limited for this year. Claim your helmet today!

Happy hunting!

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