In celebration of the day of love, Respawn added a few special cosmetics to Apex Legends. These special cosmetics are only available from February 13, 2019 to February 19, 2019 at 6PM PST. The event was added with the Preseason Patch (1.03).

There are three Valentine’s Day items in Apex Legends, and only one of them is free. The free cosmetic is an Account Badge that only requires you revive or respawn a player from February 13 – February 19. See the badge below:

The other two items are purchasable cosmetics available in the Store.

The first item is an Epic skin called “Through the Heart” for the Longbow, and the second is a Legendary Pathfinder banner frame. The animated frame shows a little robot cherub shooting a heart.

Each costs 1,100 Apex Coins. The minimum Apex Coin purchase is $9.99 USD for 1,000 Apex Coins, so you will need to buy another pack to get the extra 100 if you don’t already have the premium currency. The $19.99 pack that comes with 2,150 Apex Coins is 50 shy of being enough to allow you to purchase both Apex Legends cosmetics.

There are special packs that contain fewer Apex Coins, like the Apex Legends Starter Pack that costs $4.99 USD and has 600 Apex Coins, an animated weapon skin, and a badge. Check the DLC part of the Apex Legends game in Origin, the Xbox Store, or PSN store to see this sort of pack.

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