A The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt crossover with Monster Hunter World lets you play as Geralt of Rivia up against a Leshen. This Special Assignment, Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest, includes mysterious side quests to complete.

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How to Start The Witcher 3 Collaboration Quest[edit]

  • Hunter Rank 16 is required to start this quest.
  • First, make sure Monster Hunter World has updated to Version 6.0.
  • Talk to the felyne in blue armor right in front of the Provisions Stockpile
  • Agree to travel to the Research Base
  • Talk to the Lynian Expert (Tailraider Safari lady) downstairs.
  • Agree to Play as Geralt, The Witcher
  • If you fail, speak to The Witcher at the Research Base
  • Once you beat it once, it will be available from the Quest Board beneath Special Assignments

Witcher Walkthrough: How to Defeat the Leshen[edit]

Most of this mission is straight forward. Keep an eye on your map for icons of where to go, and pay attention to the prompts, and you should be fine.

The Leshen, on the other hand, is quite challenging. We had success fighting it with the given Sword and Shield. Here are some tips.

  • Using Agni with the Sword and Shield equipped is easy. Block with R2 and press Square/X to use Agni without having to sheathe your weapon.
  • Use Agni at will as often as possible – just make sure you time it right so it doesn’t miss! Watch for the Leshen’s teleportation tell.
  • However, once you reach the third area of the fight, hang on to Agni. The Leshen will start summoning Jagras – which Agni can kill in one hit.
  • Ideally, Wait for the Jagras to crowd around the Leshen, and hit them all with Agni in one shot.
  • If Agni isn’t up, keep the Jagras at bay for a time with a Flash Pod.
  • Focus on breaking the Leshen’s horse to reduce how often it calls for back up.
  • Keep Slinger Ammo on-hand at all times. Use it to stun the Leshen right before it disappears into the shadows. It will appear black, but the figure will still be there.
  • When the Leshen thrusts its roots into the ground, put up your shield to block the incoming blow. When you’re far away, you can see the roots as glowing trails on the ground, but when you’re close, it will most likely be a large AOE.
  • The Leshen is susceptible to poison. Take advantage of the Poison Daggers (and other supplies) in any blue Supply Box at any camp.
  • For additional help against the Leshen, you can save a Pukei Pukei from the vines, behind the first one you find. It will appear in the final phase of the fight, and can be healed with Life Powders.

Witcher Side Quests: The Chief Issue and Pukei Pukei in Peril[edit]

For a full guide on the side quests, watch the video above, or go to the complete Witcher Side Quests Guide. Otherwise, here’s a summary of each.

The Chief Issue[edit]

To start The Chief Issue, first make sure you have all Palico Gadgets. If you have the Meowlotov Cocktail, you’re golden. Then, begin the Witcher quest like normal. 1. Collect a Gajalaka Doodle 2. Speak to the Lynian Research.

These two actions will start the quest line. For more details, visit the Witcher 3 Event Side Quest Guide Page.

Pukei Pukei in Peril

1. Save the ensnared Pukei Pukei behind the dead one. 2. Keep it alive when it comes to assist in Geralt’s fight against the Leshen in the final phase.

Completing this awards an Attack Jewel – but only once.

See more details here.

How to Capture Nekkers and Unlock Palico Gear[edit]

To unlock the Nekker Skin for your Palico, you’ll have to go through extra dialogue options with the Endemic Life Researcher during the Witcher Special Assignment – she’s the one who tells you about the Aptonoth. You MUST complete the quest for this dialogue to count! This will unlock a Critical Bounty. Then, you must head to the Ancient Forest at night to capture a Nekker, and turn it in.

The Witcher / Geralt Full Armor Set[edit]

To make Geralt Alpha Full Armor Set, you’ll need 3 Leshen Skulls and other materials. Since you only get one Leshen Skull per quest, you’ll need to complete it 3 times just to get this armor.

Witcher’s Silver Sword

Witcher’s Silver Sword is a type of Sword and Shield, and it is fantastic! You’ll need only one Leshen Skull, but two Leshen Antlers. Make sure to focus on the Leshen’s antlers when fighting to break them off. You’ll be able to upgrade this weapon with an additional update on February 15, which will add a more difficult version of the Leshen.

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