These tiny systems won’t be available forever.

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Nintendo announced last year that it would stop production on the NES Classic and SNES Classic in 2019. As you may be aware, 2019 has arrived, and just like superheroes in the MCU, listings for the retro systems are starting to disappear from all the major retailers. But if you hurry, you might be able to get one of these plug-and-play consoles before they’re relegated to the technological afterlife of eBay, where they’re sure to be given steep mark-ups. Here’s where you can still get the NES Classic and SNES Classic right now.

We will keep this article up-to-date as Stock at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and other retailers continues to dwindle.

Where to Buy the NES Classic


The NES Classic Edition is a miniature replica of Nintendo’s beloved console that originally launched in the US in 1985. This adorable device contains 30 pre-loaded games that comprise many of the best titles that ever graced the platform. It has the first three Super Mario Bros. games, Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Bubble Bobble, and many more. There’s hardly a dud in the lineup.

Unlike the original NES, this one has HDMI output so it can easily connect to any modern television. And to help modern gamers acclimate to the challenging (or downright unfair) parts in many old games, you can save at any time while you play, and restore that save if you die. Check out IGN’s NES Classic Edition review for more information.

The good news is that some retailers still have new NES Classic consoles in stock for the normal retail price of $59.99. Here’s where you can get it.

Where to Buy the SNES Classic


The Super NES Classic is a miniature version of the Super Nintendo, which originally launched in the US in 1991. This miniature marvel comes pre-loaded with 21 games. Twenty of those are some of the best SNES games ever released, including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. One previously unreleased game is also included: Star Fox 2.

The SNES Classic Edition has all the same bells and whistles as the NES Classic, including save states and HDMI output. But it also comes with two controllers instead of one, which helps justify its $79.99 MSRP (as opposed to the NES Classic’s $59.99 price point. Read our SNES Classic Edition review for more details.

Now for the bad news. All the major online retailers have already run out of stock of the SNES Classic. You can check availability at your local GameStop to see if they have any units remaining. Aside from that, your best bet may be to pick up a pre-owned one from GameStop for $74.99.

If you want a new one, you’ll have to pay a little more than the MSRP. You can get one sold by 1 Stop Wireless Wholesale via Newegg for $99.99. That’s a $20 markup, but since it’s out of stock everywhere else, that might be the best deal you’ll find. Alternately, you can get one for $105 from Amazon through a seller called Direct Distributor. HugeSavings also has some available via for $105.

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