Respawn, the developer behind Titanfall and Titanfall 2, has released a new battle royale game called Apex Legends. Much like Fortnite, Apex will have a Battle Pass, and it works just like the one in Epic’s battle royale game.

Although the game is already out, Apex’s first Battle Pass won’t launch until March. Each season runs for about three months, with the start of Apex’s season two scheduled for June, season three for September, and season four for December. Respawn has not announced the exact dates that each of these seasons start, but they have revealed what buying a Battle Pass will get you.

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Like Fortnite, each Battle Pass includes a collection of limited-time cosmetic items. Each Apex Battle Pass will include around 100 different rewards, which you can unlock through playing the game. Several items in each season can be unlocked without the need to purchase a pass, but you’ll need to buy one in order to earn everything. Once you unlock something, it’s yours to keep–even in following seasons. Every Battle Pass will only include exclusive, seasonal cosmetic items and random Apex Packs, the latter of which is an assortment of weapon and Legends skins of various rarities. So you won’t miss out on unlocking new Legends if you don’t buy the Battle Passes.

Apex Legends implements similar mechanics and features from previous battle royale games, but adds its own spin on the formula as well. In Apex, you have to fight in squads of three, and each member of your team will control one of eight unique Legends (all of which have some pretty cool Legendary skins). Although every Legend can use any of the weapons and equipment scattered throughout the map, each one has their own unique assortment of abilities–much like Heroes in Overwatch or Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Although Titanfall’s staple wall-running and Titans aren’t in Apex, the game does incorporate other elements from Respawn’s franchise, such as vaulting, sliding, no fall damage, and traversing great distances with jump jets. Almost as if a play on the developer’s name, you’re also able to respawn in Apex, as your teammates can bring you back from the dead–albeit without any of your loot–if they act fast enough.

Apex Legends is free-to-play and available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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