In Resident Evil 2 Remake, new collectibles have been added in the form of small Mr. Raccoon Toys that can be found across each character’s story.

These bobblehead-type toys make a distinct shaking sound, and look like an orange raccoon with big yellow shoes, standing on a small red pedestal. They can be broken by any weapon you possess – including the Combat Knife. Once a Mr. Raccoon Toy is broken, it will no longer appear in that location for any other playthrough.

By finding and destroying all 15 Mr. Raccoon Toys, you will unlock the Unbreakable Combat Knife that will be added to your Item Box for any future playthrough.

See the locations for all of the toys – as well as which character can reach them – below.

At A Glance
Location Both Leon Only Claire Only Second Run Only
Police Station 5 1 1 1
Behind RPD / Orphanage 2
Sewer Entrance 2
Sewers 1
Laboratory 2

Mr. Raccoon Toy 1[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon City Police Department, West Office, 1F
  • Character: Leon or Claire

You can find this toy shortly after the start of exploring the West Hall in the RPD. Once you reach the hallway leading to the West Office, enter, and look along the north wall on top of the high cabinets for the toy standing on some boxes at the top of the wall.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 2[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon City Police Department, S.T.A.R.S. Office, 2F
  • Character: Leon or Claire

This Mr. Raccoon Toy can be found after finding the Valve Pump in the East Office room, and then disabling the steam in the Showers on the second floor. Fight your way past the Licker in the hall, and check the bottom corner of the office to look for the toy behind a few boxes and a computer monitor.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 3[edit]

  • Location: R.P.D. Parking Garage, Firing Range, B1
  • Character: Leon or Claire

After you have survived the battle in the Underground Facility, and end up back in the Parking Garage, take the door going east into a hall and then north into the Firing Range, where you will find the toy below a fallen target against the back wall – in-between two zombies who are pretending to be dead.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 4[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon City Police Department, Break Room, 1F
  • Character: Leon

Once Leon has powered up the generator in the Parking Garage and returned to the R.P.D., the first room you can enter is a Break Room. Check the back room near the bunk bed and look behind some bags to find the toy.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 5[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon City Police Department, East Hall, 2F
  • Character: Leon or Claire

You can find this toy standing on a small table at the stairwell in the East Hall that connects the Chief’s Office to the Roof above and the Interrogation Room below.

Leon can enter this area by using the Crank found in the Parking Garage Jail, and Claire can reach this area by taking the elevator up from the Parking Garage using the Diamond Key, taking her to the Chief’s Office, and using the Heart Key to get to the hallway.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 6[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon City Police Department, East Storage Heart Door Room, 3F
  • Character: Claire

As Claire, obtain the Heart Key in the Private Collection Room, and take the stairs to the third floor. Enter the East Storage Room, and then use the Heart Key on the locked door to the south to find another room with mannequins, and look up to spot the toy on a shelf to the side of the door.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 7[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon City Police Department, Clock Tower Passage, 3F
  • Character: Leon or Claire

Once you are tasked to find the Power Panel Parts, get the Jack Handle from the Records Room using either Club Key or Heart Key, and then use it to make a platform in the library to get to the Clock Tower.

Head through the Clock Tower to the hall beyond it, and go to the dead end, where you can look on the nearby window sill to find the toy.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 8[edit]

  • Location: Destroyed Bus on Streets Behind R.P.D
  • Character: Claire

After playing as Sherry, escape the Parking Garage as Claire and make your way along the alleys to a large street with a basketball court.

On the other side of the court, head to a large bus, and check on the dashboard of the bus to find the toy at the front.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 9[edit]

  • Location: Orphanage Nursery, 2F
  • Character: Claire

Shortly after the previous Toy, you can enter the Orphanage where you played as Sherry. Head up the stairs and enter the first door into the Nursery, and look straight to find the toy in one of the cubby holes.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 10[edit]

  • Location: Sewer Entrance
  • Character: Leon

After escaping the Parking Garage with Ada, follow her into the Sewer Entrance until you drop down into a tunnel and are forced to run from a Mutated Alligator.

After surviving the chase and jump, look in the corner after Ada pushes down a ladder to find the toy on a small ledge behind some debris.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 11[edit]

  • Location: Sewers Incinerator, Upper Level
  • Character: Leon

Once you are able to play as Ada, escape from the Tyrant to jump into the Incinerator room. Look around to the right of the large incinerator doors to find the toy by a railing in the corner.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 12[edit]

  • Location: Sewer Supplies Storage Room Hall, Lower Level
  • Character: Leon or Claire

After you are tasked to rescue your companion, head down and left from the Middle Waterway to the Bottom Waterway room, and fight past the mutant G Adults towards the back where the large red light is above the door.

Inside this door leads to the Supplies Storage Room, but before entering, look past a table to find the toy around the corner past some boxes.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 13[edit]

  • Location: Laboratory Cafeteria, Lab North Area
  • Character: Leon or Claire

When you escape the Sewers and arrive at the Umbrella Laboratory, head right from the lobby to find a hall to a cafeteria full of zombies. Make your way to the back of the room where a ladder is, and look right for a countertop by the window where the toy is.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 14[edit]

  • Location: Laboratory Nap Room, Lab North Area
  • Character: Leon or Claire

This area can only be fully explored once you have gone beneath the Greenhouse in the Lab West Area, and unlocked the ladder down to the sub level. Look in the lounge for a Circuit Breaker that holds a Signal Modulator, and take it to the Nap Room.

Match the Circuit Modulator to the wavelength that is broadcasted by the Circuit Breaker in this room, which will open the nap pods, and you can find a toy in the first pod.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 15[edit]

  • Location: Raccoon Police Department, Side Entrance, 1F
  • Character: Leon or Claire

This toy can only be found after completing the Main Story, and unlocking the Second Run for a character. At the start of the second run, head down the stairs and up again towards the side entrance, and look along the left among the plants to find a toy hiding among them.


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