In the next season of Destiny 2, which starts in March, players should expect a reworked and improved clan experience, Bungie says.

On its official blog, the company states that in a effort to help “smaller, less hardcore” clas, which saw their progress in building up clan experience (which offers benefits to all members of a given clan), the game will be returning to the original clan experience system from the launch of Destiny 2. “Go play activities in the game and you will earn clan XP and level up your clan,” the company says. As a result, daily clan bounties are gone, replaced with only three weekly clan bounties that have you playing with clanmates to earn extra clan experience and legendary gear.

Clan level benefits are also getting a bonus. Level-three clans earn mod components when completing clan bounties, level-four clans earn enhancement cores as well, level-five clans have a higher chance of earning catalysts for exotic weapons when completing strikes and crucible matches, (with some year-one catalysts coming back into the pool), and level-six clans earn a fourth clan bounty they can complete for more of the first two rewards.

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