We’ve gathered the best Fortnite Creative island codes we could find and compiled them into a neat list, complete with images. Creative allows creators to post their island codes for everyone to enjoy and play. For other questions and helpful guides, check out our Fortnite Creative hub page.

If you need help entering an island code, make sure to check out our how to edit island codes in Fortnite Creative mode page. Codes are currently only sent to certain creators by Epic themselves. If there are any cool creations we missed, make sure to shout them out in the comments!

Each island code on this page is separated by type and you can jump to each section with the links below. We also have a quick list of island codes without images and description for those that want to go through each one.

Beautiful Creations[edit]

While these maps can still be used to fight and battle in, they’re mainly noteworthy for their elegant design and fantastic visuals.

Prudiz’s The Rising Ice-Dragon *NEW* 4351-4005-8292 By prudiz
Space Parkour! *NEW* 1986-0450-3000 By highpoxia
Overgrown Island v3.0 *NEW* 6540-3586-0769 By lundleyt
Ticking Temple 7462-9234-6218 By velvess
Lordly Labyrinth 1991-9282-9857 By jesgran
Crazy Corrections 0930-6810-9390 By rsg-mercenary
Lakeshore Lodge 6585-8238-0391 By footage
Mighty Mountain 5916-2410-1250 By zJnnY
Winter Wonderland 5773-8954-8305 By senix
Looming Llama 6388-1013-6876 By St0rmh4wk

Prudiz’s The Rising Ice-Dragon[edit]

By prudiz
Code: 4351-4005-8292

A giant ice dragoon looms over this island. Climb its back, get the chests in its mouth, or grab the loot in the surrounding areas and enjoy the view!

Space Parkour![edit]

By highpoxia
Code: 1986-0450-3000

Simple concept but a beautiful one at that. Ice platforms float against a dark backdrop. Collect the coins as you avoid slipping and falling to your doom below.

Overgrown Islands v3.0[edit]

By lundleyt
Code: 6540-3586-0769

Floating islands and overgrown areas makes this a gorgeous creation to visit. Look out for the rock dragon in the ice!

Ticking Temple[edit]

By velvess
Code: 7462-9234-6218

Imagine Lucky Landing but so much prettier. A tall temple overlooks the small town and a frozen river weaves through the boardwalks.

Lordly Labyrinth[edit]

By jesgran
Code: 1991-9282-9857

Faaaaaaancy! This delicately crafted labyrinth is a beauty to explore but it also serves as a great deathmatch map and hide and seek location.

Crazy Corrections[edit]

By rsg-mercenary
Code: 0930-6810-9390

Everything you’d fine inside a prison including watchtowers, inmate cells, a cafeteria, basketball courts, and employee areas. More info here.

Lakeshore Lodge[edit]

By footage
Code: 6585-8238-0391

An incredibly detailed snow lodge on the side of the mountain. Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing inside!

Mighty Mountain[edit]

By zJnnY
Code: 5916-2410-1250

A gorgeous mountaintop temple. Players start at the base and make their way up the majestic path until they reach the peaceful sanctuary. At least until the fighting begins, player spawn points at the top of the mountain allow players to quickly get back into the action.

Winter Wonderland[edit]

By senix
Code: 5773-8954-8305

This winter themed marketplace is filled with buildings and Christmas decorations. The out building surrounding the town keeps the action contained inside.

Looming Llama[edit]

By St0rmh4wk
Code: 6388-1013-6876

It’s a giant mechanical dragon llama. What’s not to like!

Obstacle Courses[edit]

Looking for a challenge? These maps put your Fortnite skills to the test. Some have you solving puzzles, others task you with reaching the end with precise platforming. Each one is different!

The Enrichment Center *NEW* 7332-3216-8433 By notnellaf
Lundley’s Puzzle Escape *NEW* 1039-4421-2809 By lundleyt
The Labyrinth 5020-6295-2477 By solary-yoshi
Kingdom of Stone Parkour 7124-5224-0371 By vanyapoker
Jump and Run 8505-0120-9162 By mobilezocker
The Cube V3.4 7512-6248-2736 By ferrinheight

The Enrichment Center[edit]

By notnellaf
Code: 7332-3216-8433

Coming soon!

Lundley’s Puzzle Escape[edit]

By lundleyt
Code: 1039-4421-2809

This escape room has five different puzzles where you’ll have to think outside of the box to make it out alive. Watch for the speeding ATKs!

The Labyrinth[edit]

By solary-yoshi
Code: 5020-6295-2477

Another maze! The goal is to escape but you won’t do it without getting through the confusing paths, hidden traps, and ice pads.

Kingdom of Stone Parkour[edit]

By vanyapoker
Code: 7124-5224-0371

Can you make it to the end of this parkour challenge map? Tight jumps and precise movement is required to make it past all ten levels!

Jump and Run[edit]

By mobilezocker
Code: 8505-0120-9162

An obstacle course with a focus on jumping from platform to platform. Fall off and you’ll be hit with a trap!

The Cube V3.4[edit]

By ferrinheight
Code: 7512-6248-2736

Once you spawn inside the cube, make sure to start the game in your My Island settings to activate the traps and remove any editing abilities. Your goal is to escape the massive cube by running through obstacles, using speed boosts and bounce pads to reach new heights, and avoiding those dead end traps. More info, including a video walkthrough, here.

Race Tracks[edit]

It’s vehicle central with these maps! Grab a few friends and race to the finish line!

Rainbow Road 2668-3299-2351 By falconstrike1998
Rifty’s Race 1330-3984-1519 By Rifty
Megatrack Survival Race 4565-3085-7481 By roessyt

Rainbow Road[edit]

By falconstrike1998
Code: 2668-3299-2351

It’s the original Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart on the SNES! A faithful recreation complete with Thwomps (watch out for the traps!) and speed boosts!

Rifty’s Race[edit]

By Rifty
Code: 1330-3984-1519

Grab an ATK and make it to the end of the race track! Multiple lanes encourage you to race against friends!

Megatrack Survival Race[edit]

By roessyt
Code: 4565-3085-7481

An ultra racetrack where the goal is to survive. It’s huge so you’re going to have to let it load for a bit!


Fortnite creators have some truly creative minds. These maps are different from your average deathmatch map or race track in that they all task you to complete a unique and different task.

The Journey *NEW* 5330-4540-9588 By lundleyt
Escape the Dream 2 *NEW* 4554-3196-9055 By QJAG
Escape the Dream *NEW* 5496-4876-0626 By QJAG
Bomberman! 2531-7429-3933 By Ake
Snipers VS Runners 7352-4203-8482 By Bludrive
Mega Wall Wars 4177-4290-4967 By not-shride
The Door Maze 1578-4718-5979 By not-shride
Hide & Seek Map 1466-2200-5392 By mobilezocker
Squatingdog’s THUNDERDOME 3191-0272-7151 By squatingdog

The Journey[edit]

By lundleyt
Code: 5330-4540-9588

You wake up in an icy ravine with only one goal: escape. Climb onto anything that’ll get you higher and take out the manikin enemies as you find the sewers, castle, and eventually the exit.

Escape the Dream[edit]

Code: 5496-4876-0626

Coming soon!

Escape the Dream 2[edit]

Code: 4554-3196-9055

Coming soon!


By Ake
Code: 2531-7429-3933

A bomberman inspired stage where players start with dynamite as they run through a maze trying to blow other players into bits.

By Bludrive
Code: 7352-4203-8482

A fun minigame challenge room where one team plays as snipers as the other team simply plays as runners trying to get from point A to point B. Make it to the end to win!

Mega Wall Wars[edit]

By not-shride
Code: 4177-4290-4967

A massive arena where each player loots in one of the eight separated biomes for two minutes, then watch as the walls come crumbling down, revealing the open arena. Last one standing wins!

The Door Maze[edit]

By not-shride
Code: 1578-4718-5979

You’ll need the Scoreboard emote for this one to function properly! Run through the maze before reaching the Christmas town where the fight begins!

After launching into the maze, use the Scoreboard emote to determine the door number you run through. Pick up your loot and after ten rounds, head for the town!

Hide & Seek Map[edit]

By mobilezocker
Code: 1466-2200-5392

Another hide and seek map. Make sure to hit the timer to start a 15 minute countdown instead of starting a game through the menu.

Squatingdog’s THUNDERDOME[edit]

By squatingdog
Code: 3191-0272-7151

It’s a battle royale in a smaller format. The instructions for this game: Drop on a podium, set timer, wait for sound, last person alive wins! Once you die go to T-pose tower and wait. Last person alive wins!

Battle Arenas[edit]

These are your standard maps where you can easily set up a match between friends. Don’t let the simple rules fool you, some of these maps are expertly crafted!

Sky Snipes *NEW* 1743-2048-4798 By notnellaf
Sneaky Snowmen Survival *NEW* 9436-2586-3101 By mseymour7
Frantic FFA 1631-6148-6835 By Raeldon
PUMP IT! Shotgun Arena 2201-4498-7425 By senix
Frantic FFA 1631-6148-6835 By Raeldon
Chateau Guillard DM 9547-8714-0946 By Ollek
Marble Mall 5266-7624-0602 By assasin_of_eire
Breaky Bridge 1325-0104-0476 By senix
Lefty Leave 5184-5792-0669 By senix
Janky Jail 9300-4035-4843 By inthelittlewood
Risky Runways 5542-7687-4547


By Ake
The Dragod’s Metropolis 4772-5621-7370 By thedragod
Huge Factory 2434-7674-6447 By TwitchYUZA
CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes 2092-4164-5943 By ttv-callmecypher
Tinker’s Toystore 0632-6317-2480 By falconstrike1998
Dust II 1068-0274-9341 By VariousPurple
Jonboiii’s Nuketown 0455-9800-7889 By jn
Halo’s Lockdown 9587-6651-4676 By saldrianf1
Sneaky Streets 8771-1782-3978 By ttv-turtlenade
Eerie Estates 0246-3501-9703 By jesgran
Favela Deathmatch 6212-3114-3250 By orion
Mystery Market 7693-3640-8910 By TTN Bludrive
Grimy Greens 2610-7246-1992 By kaancitak

Sky Snipes[edit]

By notnellaf
Code: 1743-2048-4798

Coming soon!

Sneaky Snowmen Survival[edit]

By mseymour7
Code: 9436-2586-3101

Coming soon!

PUMP IT! Shotgun Arena[edit]

By senix
Code: 2201-4498-7425

A close quarters map created with shotguns in mind. Weave through cargo crates and wooden crates. Games last 15 minutes and each players is treated to a number of shotguns and full health and shield.

Frantic FFA[edit]

By Raeldon
Code: 1631-6148-6835

A small and frantic indoor map with plenty of mobility, areas for cover, and a decent amount of vertical movement. More info here.

Chateau Guillard DM[edit]

By Ollek
Code: 9547-8714-0946

It’s the Chateau Guillard map from Overwatch remade in Fortnite! The creator’s rules ask players to only pick up items near the spawn point and to not climb on the roof.

Marble Mall[edit]

By assasin_of_eire
Code: 5266-7624-0602

It’s an outlet mall with six stores, two restaurants, and a food court. The area is surrounded by apartment buildings keeping the action contained to the center of the map.

Breaky Bridge[edit]

By senix
Code: 1325-0104-0476

A town centered around a broken bridge that looks like it was ripped by Godzilla from both sides. Features a player spawn and item spawn area for multiplayer matches.

Lefty Leave[edit]

By enix
Code: 5184-5792-0669

It’s quiet, it’s creepy, and it’s definitely well made. A cool area to explore but works just as well for fighting with friends.

Janky Jail[edit]

By inthelittlewood
Code: 9300-4035-4843

Listen up Epic, we really loved the old prison! Here’s another take on the jail setting.

Risky Runways[edit]

By Ake
Code: 5542-7687-4547
Code: 2320-5863-3485 (FFA Version)

Another small town with an added focus on flying. The FFA version doesn’t feature building or environmental destruction. More info here.

The Dragod’s Metropolis[edit]

By thedragod
Code: 4772-5621-7370

This one is going to take some time to load. A giant sprawling city with walls as high as they can possibly go.

Huge Factory[edit]

By TwitchYUZA
Code: 2434-7674-6447

Miss the old factories near Dusty? Maybe this larger scale factory town is something up your alley.

CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes[edit]

By ttv-callmecypher
Code: 2092-4164-5943

A neat indoor map made specifically for a sniper battle. Players start in a room with two chests featuring snipers and mobility items, then leave to enter the main arena. Lots of places to take cover along with speed ramps, bounce pads, and ice tiles.

Tinker’s Toystore[edit]

By falconstrike1998
Code: 0632-6317-2480

A Christmas store with a big tree, a library, a Santa meeting room, a toy building warehouse, and an underground toy storage.

Dust II[edit]

By VariousPurple
Code: 1068-0274-9341

A recreation of Dust II from the Counter-Strike series. It stays pretty faithful to the original, a nice pick for team based deathmatches.

Jonboiii’s Nuketown[edit]

By jn
Code: 0455-9800-7889

Another take on a classic level, this time for Nuketown from the Call of Duty series!

Halo’s Lockdown[edit]

By saldrianf1
Code: 9587-6651-4676

So many memories. Relive Lockout from the Halo series with this recreation.

Sneaky Streets[edit]

By ttv-turtlenade
Code: 8771-1782-3978

A town beneath along a highway. There aren’t too many open areas so expect close quarter fights! More info here.

Eerie Estates[edit]

By jesgran
Code: 0246-3501-9703

It’s not outright haunted or spooky, but this quiet town features buildings and restaurants without a trace of a human soul.

Favela Deathmatch[edit]

By orion
Code: 6212-3114-3250

Another deathmatch map set in a town. This one has houses on the cliff!

Mystery Market[edit]

By TTN Bludrive
Code: 7693-3640-8910

A quaint little town with a clock tower, several shops, and an underground tunnel system. A great map for a few rounds of deathmatch. More info here

Grimy Greens[edit]

By kaancitak
Code: 2610-7246-1992

A small abandoned town with unfinished buildings and overgrown warehouses. A nice map for multiplayer round of deathmatch or hide and seek. More info here

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