2898973707869911.pngIn Resident Evil 2 Remake, Mr. X, The Tyrant, follows both Claire and Leon throughout the Police Station and, in Leon’s story, the Lab. He is invincible, so you must just avoid him.

Video Guide – How to Hide From Mr. X

The Tyrant will pass right by you in the following rooms — or he might just stop outside of them. If so, leave the room briefly and return to get him walking again.

  • Interrogation/Observation Room (1F)
  • Watchman’s Room and Break Room Hall (1F)
  • Boiler Room Safe Room (1F)
  • Darkroom Safe Room (1F)
  • Chief’s Office (2F)
  • S.T.A.R.S Office (2F)
  • Clock Tower (3F)

Here are some additional tips to avoid Mr. X:

  • You can always hear Mr. X’s footsteps if he’s nearby, and consider yourself safe from him when you can’t hear him. With certain “surround” audio setups, you can hear exactly where the Tyrant is in the building.
  • More often than not, if Mr. X does not know your current location, he will begin patrolling most of the main hallways and the Main Hall, but rarely checks the smaller side rooms unless he already knows your location.
  • If Mr. X is too close to get away from, you can “bait” out his slow forward lunging punch by strafing him – as he is slow to recover and stand up from that attack, and can’t stop you from passing until he stands back up straight.
  • Leading Mr. X across the Main Hall and between floors is an effective way to lose him. Learn the various paths to where you need to go and alternate them with the Tyrant on your tail.
  • The more doors you can put between yourself and Mr. X, the faster he can lose your trail. He tends to only start really speedwalking when he has a true line of sight and straight path to you.
  • The Tyrant can climb ladders, but usually will avoid climbing down them. In the Library, for example, he will hop immediately to the lower floor.
  • The Tyrant will push zombies out of his way. It’s unclear if he damages them.

Although you cannot kill Mr. X in his initial police station encounter, you can stagger him with shots to the face and other weapons. We recommend saving your ammo and running.

In extreme situations where you find yourself cornered or unable to get past him in a tight corridor – 10 headshots from a handgun can usually cause him to drop to one knee, and incapacitate him for 30 seconds, giving you time to get far enough away that he loses your position.

A single headshot from Leon’s Lightning Hawk Magnum can also stagger Mr. X for several moments, rendering him unable to stop you from running past him.

The Tyrant will bash through the Press Room wall and create a shortcut from the Interrogation/Observation Room hallway to the Press Room. This happens seemingly randomly, as he can do it, then, when you reload the same save, he might not do it again.

Shoot the hat off of the Tyrants head for the “Hat’s Off” Achievement. You can do this and reload your save to conserve ammo.

Also known as T-00, the Tyrant or Mr. X is an Umbrella-designed weapon deployed to Raccoon City to suppress evidence, including killing remaining police officers and civilians. He appears in the main story after dousing the flaming helicopter, and will pursue you until you leave the Police Station Parking Garage.

The Tyrant stalks the hallways of the 1998 Resident Evil 2 in a similar manner to the RE2 Remake.

In Leon’s Story, he will appear in the Jail after you get the Parking Pass, forcing a confrontation in a narrow hallway. He will again show up briefly in Ada’s segment in the Sewer Entrance, and again in the Laboratory once you obtain the Senior Staff Chip Upgrade. He will then appear during Leon’s escape sequence to briefly pursue, and then become the final boss during the countdown – which is the only time you can kill him once you obtain the Rocket Launcher.

In Claire’s Story, he will appear in the Parking Garage once you insert the Key Card, and chase you until you pass through the gate knocked down by the zombies on the street. He will then appear for a quick segment in the Orphanage basement, but will not show up at any point after.

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