The Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts III, like in previous games, acts as your transportation in the Ocean Between of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

This time around, it’s not a straight shot from one universe to another, allowing tons of exploration and special challenges to partake in. This section will contain everything you need to know about the Gummi Ship.

First let’s explore all the ins and outs of navigating the mini game using your controls and what all the items you can receive are.

How to Operate the Gummi Ship[edit]

Perhaps most importantly, how do you control the thing. It’s fairly simple and can be input as follows:

Control What it Does
L1 or R1 Pressing L1 or R1 will initiate moving forward or coming to a stop.
L3 Clicking the L3 button on your left joystick will result in a full U-turn
Left Joystick Controls the direction you turn.
Right Joystick Controls what you’re looking at. However, moving the right joystick in a direction while pressing forward on the left joystick will not make the Gummi Ship move in that direction. You’ll have to press the direction on the left joystick to go that way.
X or R2 Use either of these buttons to continuously fire the blaster of your ship.

Finding the following items will be a common occurrence when navigating the Ocean Between, here’s what each of them are:

Item # What it Is What it Does
1 Exp Prizes Collect these to level up your gummi ship and increase your cost limit when building ships in the gummi ship editor.
2 HP Prizes These will restore small amounts of HP to your ship when collected.
3 Items These will contain gummi blocks to use on your ship
4 Unique Items These will contain valuable items and should be your most sought after item.

Expediting Travel[edit]

While the Gummi Ship moves pretty fast throughout the map, there are a few ways to further increase your travel speed to zip from one end of the it to the other.

Option # What it Is How it Works
1 Nebula Lines These are your fastest means of travel for making your way from one end of the map to another. Think of them as a highway. Simply enter into one to be set along its path, then press L1 or R1 to exit it.
2 Boost Spheres Offer a temporary boost of speed.
3 Boost Rings Offer a temporary boost of speed and will change the direction of your Gummi Ship as well as you pass through.

Along with getting from place to place, there are several other things to do in this game mode that offer rewards to upgrade your Gummi Ship further:

Gummi Battles[edit]

When traveling through the Ocean Between, you’ll eventually find a small heartless symbol floating in space. You’ll also see an indication of it on your Gummi Radar like so:

Approaching this will trigger a Gummi Battle. You’ll be able to tell the difficulty of the battle by the number of stars located just below the heartless symbol as you fly near it. The more stars, the more difficult. If your Gummi Level is lower than the level of the battle, you may want to steer clear for now.

The rules of each battle will change from fight to fight. Make sure to check the rules in the top left hand corner of the screen as you begin the battle.

Once you approach the heartless icon and initiate the battle, you’ll be transported to a separate mode to fight the various enemies thrown at you.

You’ll proceed to move your Gummi Ship around the screen using the left joystick to dodge incoming attacks, while pressing X or R2 to fire back at the enemies placed before you. Some will go down in one hit while others take a bevy of hits before finally blowing up.

In the top left hand corner will be a display which shows some important information.

# What it Is
1 This is your score, affected by what you kill, how many points it’s worth, and the multiplier currently applied.
2 This is the total amount of Heartless ships you’ve taken out.
3 This is your current rank for this battle, and will increase as your score goes up. Try to kill enough enemy ships to earn an A and your reward will get continously better as your rank increases.

You can also receive a score bonus at the end for avoiding being hit with enemy fire, which will almost always send you over the top for that A score.

Treasure Spheres[edit]

Treasure Spheres are large sphere-shaped puzzles found within the Ocean Between. Unlocking them will give you rewards, but some can be tricky to unlock.

Here’s the steps to unlocking them:

1 – Shoot the Sphere to activate it. This will take you to a screen similar to the Gummi Battle screen which will rotate the sphere for you, giving you a chance to do step 2.

2- Locate the Gears and rotate them by shooting them. These should be fairly easy to catch, as they are small circles located on the sphere, and will connect the circuits around it, should you rotate it fully using your blaster.

Note: Some gears are dummies and do nothing to help you.

3- Bask in the rewards. Just like for successfully completing Gummi Battles, unlocking Treasure Spheres will give you various treasure and upgrades for your ship.

Break All the Mining Rocks[edit]

Littered throughout the asteroids between the worlds, you’ll find large glowing crystals. Shooting at these will give you any number of items. You can see nearby ones on your mini map.

For some of the rocks, like the green glowing one in the picture, you’ll need to use a stronger weapon to get it to break.

Search for Constellations[edit]

In the different maps of the Ocean Between, you can find large bright stars next to each other. Just like the Hidden Emblems in the different worlds, pull out your camera and photograph these when you find them to complete quests.

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