Blizzard is celebrating the season of giving with five free winter loot boxes for all Overwatch players. All you have to do is turn the game and you’ll be alerted that you have five boxes to open. The boxes are tied to Overwatch’s annual Winter Wonderland event. The contents include new sprays, emotes, victory lines, and rare skins. The skin everyone is talking about is Junkrat’s Krampus look, which we’ll set you back 3,000 gold if you don’t get it in a box. The Winter Wonderland boxes will be available through January 2.

The image above shows what we want to see from loot boxes. The image below shows what we usually get. If you’re wondering what I got from my five free winter boxes, you’re looking at the best of my haul above. I mostly got voice lines and sprays. Let us know if you score the Junkrat skin in the comments section below!

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