Need a fireplace to brighten your holiday gathering, but you just don’t have a hearth on hand? Sony has you covered, with a gorgeous fire to pull up to warm your family’s hearts. Nothing quite sets the tone for opening presents and celebrating togetherness like the burning husk of a derelict car, radiating warmth in the cold rain of a post-apocalyptic future.

We suspect there’s a lot of ways someone might take advantage of this holiday present from PlayStation. Maybe you set up a giant monitor next to the dinner table to accompany that meal your Dad spent all day making? Or turn the volume way, way up during the New Year’s party so you can hear the occasional shrieking terror that echoes in the baleful night?

Or perhaps you’re a real hardcore fan, and you’re ready to watch the whole thing from beginning to end to pick up that clever secret about the game that we’re sure is in there? We haven’t found it yet, but I suspect it’s just a matter of putting the 2-hour video on repeat a few times before someone earns internet fame for figuring out the remarkable easter egg. Don’t give up!

Happy holidays, everybody. May this be the only flaming wreck that is a part of your holiday festivities!

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