Gunfire games, the ex-Vigil developers who created Darksiders III under THQ Nordic, released an update to the game that allows players to switch combat to what they have dubbed “Classic” style.

The new update, which prompts a choice when players start a new game or load up a save with the update installed, asks players to pick between Default and Classic modes. While default functions the same as the game has since launch, Classic is described as a mode similar to previous games.

The current method forces players to commit to their attacks in a manner similar to Dark Souls or Monster Hunter: World. Classic allows players to dodge during attacks, meaning you can start an attack without having to finish it, massively cutting down your vulnerability window. You can also use items instantly in Classic mode, making for a decidedly easier experience.

You can read our review of Darksiders III right here. If you’re trying to decide which combat mode to use, you can also read our argument for why Dark Souls fans shouldn’t overlook the game.

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