During the run up to Sonic Mania Plus’ release, Sega produced and broadcasted a number of Sonic Mania shorts. Hearkening back to early animation vignettes, the wordless episodes were still entertaining and worth watching the full compilation. Today, Sega released a holiday special coda to the series, this time starring Mecha Sonic and a hereto unseen character in the Sonic Mania canon.

Check out the holiday episode below.

The episode takes place immediately after part 5, where Eggman and Metal Sonic crash into the forest after being defeated by Sonic and his friends. Might this be teasing further content for Sonic Mania one day, as well? Probably not directly, but it does say Sega has certainly not forgotten how successful their retro revival was, especially critically.

The animated Sonic Mania episodes may be short, but they’re a welcome breath of fresh air from some of Sonic’s, uh, other current media adventures.


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