Hitman 2 Review Screens

A few years back, when IO Interactive was still working with Square Enix to publish the recent reboot of Hitman, the developer was big on surprise seasonal content. One of the most memorable missions put Agent 47 in a Christmas-themed mission in the first season’s Paris level and involving both Santa Claus and some rascally but well-known thieves.

Starting today until January 8, owners of the Hitman Legacy Pack can revisit the Paris level from the first season to have another shot at the Holiday Hoarders mission. Harry “Smoky” Bagnato and Marv “Slick” Gonif are skulking through the Paris fashion show stealing presents, which is more than enough to end up on Agent 47’s naughty list. The pair of thieves from Home Alone can now stop trying to murder a small child and pick on someone their own size.

Completing the mission nabs players the Secret Santa pack, which lets players use the Agent 47 Santa outfit anywhere within Hitman 2. Challenge yourself to assassinate some targets as Santa Claus for that extra boost of Christmas spirit.

The Hitman Legacy Pack comes free to owners of the first season of Hitman when launching Hitman 2, but can also be purchased separately.

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