On this episode of J.B.T. Criz Bee talks to Derryl DePriest who was the former Vice President of Global Brand Management at Hasbro and the Star Wars brand team leader who oversaw the development and design of The Vintage Collection toy line. Listen to this episode and learn about Blue Milk LLC and the creative team who’s hard at work at creating one of the most amazing, high-quality Star Wars action figure reference guides for collectors. In addition to details about the book and the Kickstarter campaign, Criz Bee talks to Derryl about distribution, why we have a Black Series 6″ line, the build-a-droid concept, the damage on the original vintage Millennium Falcon tooling and several other topics. This is another episode not to be missed, give it a listen please, subscribe and support the show by hitting the 5 star in your podcast app. THANK YOU!

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