Funcom has announced that it, including some former Command & Conquer developers, are working a new strategy game set in the Conan the Barbarian universe.


The label of “strategy game” may be a bit misleading, however. The official press release says “Wave after wave of increasingly more difficult enemies will rush at your gates and you will need to manage resources, research new technologies to advance your defenses, and recruit an ever-growing army if you are to save survive utter destruction,” which means it’s more of tower-defense game than StarCraft. The game moves in real-time, but lets you pause to issue orders and create buildings. You’ll also be fortifying your buildings between rounds with defensive walls and the like, as well as unlock new heroes to play as. It also lets you fend off the randomly generated hordes in co-op with one other player.

You can check out the CGI trailer below.


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