Ring of Honor’s Jay Lethal is on top of the world right now: He’s ROH World Champion, has what will be an epic match with Cody coming up on December 14 at Final Battle, and has a backlog of video games he needs to catch up on. However, Lethal is a huge Pokemon fan and has plenty of tips on how to catch those pesky pocket monsters in Pokemon Go.

Lethal travels quite a bit as a professional wrestler, and in doing so, ends up playing a whole lot of Pokemon Go while travelling the world. Of course, a champion like Lethal is going to have some tips to catch them all. “Number one tip from Lethal is you gotta just be lucky, which is the way I live my life,” he jokingly told GameSpot.

Photo credit: Ring of Honor
Photo credit: Ring of Honor

“I think you gotta load it with berries,” Lethal continued. “I really haven’t had too many issues where I had trouble catching anything. Although there’s some nightmare stories of my buddy, he just couldn’t catch anything. I’ve gotten lucky too because I got a couple shiny Eevees too. Back when they were doing a shiny Eevee program. I got maybe 20 of them. But my buddy who’s always next to me and in the same spots that I was, he didn’t get any.”

Lethal explained that he loves using psychic type Pokemon in the game, with Abra and Kadabra being his favorites. He’s not much of an electric type player, which may explain why he attacked a Pikachu statue. “I actually have a picture of me super kicking a Pikachu,” Lethal recounted. “There was a little Pikachu statue in Miami. Some convention I was there for, and there was a Pikachu, and I said I’ll take a picture. And I pretended to super kick it, and that was my profile picture for awhile.”

Photo credit: Ring of Honor
Photo credit: Ring of Honor

When it comes to collecting or attacking Pokemon or just life in general, Lethal’s tip remains to just be lucky. “There are plenty of other wrestlers out there who I feel are better than me. There’s always someone better, but I’ve been lucky with the opportunities presented to me. I’ve been in the right place at the right time to be Ring of Honor World Champion for the second time. To get to do some of the things I’ve done: hang out with Lanny Poffo, talk to the Macho Man, work with Ric Flair, meet Hulk Hogan, wrestle Kurt Angle live on pay-per-view. I’ve just been very, very lucky, and I’ve had a great wrestling career so far. I really feel like I won the lottery. Yeah, to say that my biggest tip, not only for Pokemon go but for life is to be lucky is an understatement.”

You can see Jay Lethal defend his world title against The Elite member Cody next week at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle PPV, which airs live from New York City on Friday, December 14. The show will start at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT on PPV, free for HonorClub VIPs, a 50% discount for HonorClub Standard, and on FITE TV. Check out ROH Wrestling or the ROH app for more details.

For more on Jay Lethal, check out our full interview from earlier this year, where the champ discusses playing Nintendo Switch and his infamous segment with Ric Flair.

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