The latest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has arrived. The patch notes, which were posted by developer Treyarch on Reddit, confirm a series of PC-specific changes and the introduction of a new Team Deathmatch playlist, as well as some bug fixes and updates for the Blackout battle royale mode.

One of the PC-specific changes is the ability to change the jump/mantle keybind to only mantle for second press; a small tweak, sure, but it’s a welcome one if that’s what you wanted. The update also fixes a graphical bug on PC could cause black or white squares to show up.

For all versions of Black Ops 4, the new update adds a new Team Deathmatch playlist where the final score is 85 instead of 75. You can find this playlist in the game’s “featured” category. For the Blackout mode, the update fixes a bug that caused an error screen to display when pressing the Deploy button in the lobby, in some circumstances.

One problem that is not fixed with this new Black Ops 4 update is an issue related to Aim Assist and Deadshot Dealer not working properly in Zombies mode, while Treyarch is also working on a fix for players experiencing issues with Death Stashes in Blackout. “We will release a fix for both issues once we’ve tested them thoroughly–thanks for your patience,” Treyarch said.

You can see the full December 4 patch notes for Black Ops 4 below, as posted by Treyarch on Reddit. The notes cover PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In other news about Black Ops 4, retailer GameStop announced that the military shooter failed to reach its sales targets.

Black Ops 4 December Patch Notes


  • PC 1.08 title update including new Mantle option

  • TDM 85, Chaos Domination, and Safeguard on all platforms in Featured

  • Zombies Origins Character Missions in Blackout on Xbox One/PC

  • Blightfather event in Blackout on Xbox One/PC

  • Misc. bug fixes in MP, Zombies, and Blackout



  • Featured Playlists

    • TDM 85 added to Featured.

    • Safeguard added as Featured Playlist (Xbox One/PC); remains in Featured category on PS4.

    • Chaos Domination added to Featured category.

      • Zone capture time reduced to 3 seconds.

      • Round score limit increased to 150.

      • Match score limit increased to 300.

    • Hardcore Kill Confirmed added to Featured category.

    • Control added to Featured category.

  • Miscellaneous






  • Character Missions

    • Zombies Origins Character Missions (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen) available to find and complete.

  • Event


The following updates are live in the game on PC today, including the changes above and in this week’s global 1.08 update, in version 265.44(57).12.0.x.0.24825 :


  • Mantle

  • Create-a-Class

  • Miscellaneous

    • Fixed a graphical issue that would cause black or white squares to display.

    • Fixed an issue where the wrong static reflection could cause some surfaces to appear with improper lighting.


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