In a day full of Anthem news, EA and Bioware have just a bit more to say. Starting in December, players have a chance to participate in what Bioware is calling a Closed Alpha for Anthem with signups going on right now.

The Anthem playtest will be held on all the platforms the game is releasing on, so PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC get their own playtests. If you get into one, you’re only able to playtest on that platform. The sign ups are held through EA’s Playtesting site, so you can sign in here with your EA Account to choose your platform and cross your fingers.

Those who don’t get picked will be placed on a waitlist to possibly be chosen.

Bioware warns that, if you go with PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll need PlayStation+ and Xbox Live Gold respectively to play the alpha. The playtest will run on December 8 through 9 at different times. As long as you’re accepted into one time, you’re accepted into all of them.

Expectations are high for Bioware’s new shooter, but one thing you probably can’t expect is crossplay between platforms, at least at launch. Anthem releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22.


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