During a Nintendo Live event in Japan over the weekend, the company announced that Mario Tennis Aces will be seeing three new DLC characters coming in early 2019. Boom Boom, the midboss guardian from Super Mario Bros. 3; Pauline, Mario’s one-time damsel-in-distress and now mayor of New Donk City; and Luma, Rosalina’s star-child from Mario Galaxy and partner in Super Smash Bros.

You can check out a video of the characters in action below.

All three characters should be out by the end of March and free for everyone by the end of April, if Nintendo continues doing their current method of unlocking characters through online tournaments. Usually unlocks are handled by characters being available in online tournaments and unlocked for anyone who participated, with everyone getting them when the month is over.  That means they’re also free, but you do have to pay for online, so that’s the only “hidden” cost to getting them early.

That also means that five characters are currently in the pipeline for players, starting with Petey Piranha and Shy Guy arriving in online tournament form in a few days on December 1. Those two will be free by the beginning of January.

Mario Tennis Aces is available on Nintendo Switch.


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