Ethical footwear brand, Po-Zu, calls on consumers to ‘Champion an Alternative Black Friday’, ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, next week….

Following an open letter by British MP’s of the Environmental Audit Committee dated 9th November, urging online fashion giants, Amazon UK, ASOS, Boohoo, Misguided and PrettyLittleThing, to disclose the environmental and social impact of their businesses, ahead of the Black Friday sales next week. The Committee is requesting information on areas including staff wages, the life-cycle of the garments sold, and steps being taken to reduce the environmental and social impact of their businesses.

Kate Osborne, PR and Marketing Manager at Po-Zu says: “We welcome the open letters by MP’s as a step in the right direction towards putting pressure on fast fashion giants, but we need to move beyond incremental improvements. We need faster change & legislation to happen now.

 “Sustainable fashion is competing on a completely unlevel playing field and this is especially apparent during the Black Friday /Cyber Monday holiday season. The reason fast fashion businesses can afford to discount so heavily is that somewhere along the supply chain, someone has paid the price -be it environmentally or through sweatshop labour”

According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, if the fashion industry continues its’ current trajectory, it will be responsible for 25% global carbon emissions by 2050 and 22 million tonnes of microfibre pollution alongside huge mountains of non-recycled post-consumer waste.

By calling for our customers to ‘Champion an Alternative Black Friday’, by switching to buying sustainably-made products and by launching a Green Friday, 1 week before Black Friday, Po-Zu aims to show the world sustainability.” Sven Segal, Founder. “We want our customers to recognise the power they have to change these practices and halt the damage fast fashion is doing to our planet today, simply by mending what you have, supporting ethical brands, and helping to spread the word.”

 North London-based footwear brand Po-Zu’s mission is to maximise the number of ethically produced shoes in the world and provide an alternative to the exploitive, pollutive industry seen today.

‘Champion an Alternative Black Friday’ with 40% off EVERYTHING (including Star Wars and mainline products) at Po-Zu NOW using the code BETHECHANGE — happy hunting!

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