The Korean Ratings board recently suggested that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp.’s battle royale game that once sat at the top of the world, will be coming to PlayStation 4. Generally the Korean Ratings Board sings pitch-perfect leaks of upcoming ports and games, but for those who might need a bit more evidence, the game has apparently appeared in the PlayStation Network database.

A user on gaming forum Resetera brought up a post from, where a user found images of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PSN in two forms: the icon that appears in the user’s library and the splash screen that shows when the game is loading. 

The battle royale game was snatched up as a console exclusive by Microsoft for the Xbox One last year, with PUBG Corp. citing that Xbox One having early access as being the main reason they agreed to Microsoft’s offer. With the game now officially “out” on Xbox One, as in out of early access, it would be able to come to PlayStation 4 no problem. Sony has shown a willingness to ignore blocking early access games, as they did with Fortnite when it released in Save the World form.

If PUBG releases on PlayStation 4 with a publisher other than Bluehole, it will have a different publisher on every platform: Bluehole on PC and Microsoft on Xbox One.

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