You can download and play Square Enix’s The Quiet Man right now, a bizarre half-FMV, half-beat ’em up downloadable game from Prey developers Human Head. As you play the game, you perceive it as the deaf protagonist would, unable to hear what other people in the game are saying, forcing you to interpret the story as you see fit. In a week, however, you won’t need to interpret at all, as an update that allows you to play the game with sound comes along.

Dubbed The Quiet Man ~Answered~, which is the last time I will ever write it like that, the update adds sound to the game and lets you understand dialogue. The game’s main theme is written and performed by artist Imogen Heap, so I assume that will be listenable in the main game before the sound patch.

The Quiet Man is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. Square Enix brags that the game is a single-sitting experience, so you can play it now and then play it again next week.


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