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Update: Blizzard has gone ahead and confirmed the Treasure Goblin amiibo ahead of Blizzcon, stating that it will be available in December.

There’s no word on the supposed other amiibo found in the datamining mentioned below, but it’s probably a safe bet that they will be on their way.

The original story, posted on October 30 at 4:55 p.m. CT, follows:

With Diablo III coming to Switch, everyone has heard for months in what ways Blizzard was choosing to adapt the game to the Nintendo console’s strengths. Aside from the various Zelda cosmetic items and the portability, the Switch version also has amiibo support, which the game shows the player how to do in a tutorial.

The tutorial screen shows players where to place the amiibo on the Joycon or the Pro Controller, but rather than use a generic amiibo like Mario, as is typically done, Diablo III shows a Treasure Goblin from the game on an amiibo stand. It definitely seems odd to bother with making unique art for the amiibo in the tutorial when they could have simply used an image of, say, Ganondorf.

A post on Reddit yesterday suggested that, after datamining, hints were discovered in the game that point to three unique Diablo amiibo, including the Treasure Goblin shown in the tutorial image. Considering the game releases the same day as the start of Blizzcon this Friday, it seems like a good place for the company to announce or reveal some Diablo-specific toys, as well.

Blizzard wouldn’t be the first third party to get their own amiibo, either. The Solaire amiibo, tied to Dark Souls Remastered, came out alongside the Switch version of the game just a few weeks ago. Indie darling Shovel Knight was the first non-Smash Bros. amiibo to release. Should Blizzard announce Diablo ones as well, they would be within the embrace of precedent.

Diablo III releases on Nintendo Switch on November 2. You can read our review of the Switch version right here.

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