GameSpot Theatre returns to PAX Australia in Melbourne this year, with a swath of panels to inform and entertain. We’ve got panels featuring Hitman 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Pete Hines from Bethesda, and more!

If you’re in Melbourne, come visit us! The theatre is located by the main entrance on Level 1, next to the Take This AFK Room.

If you’re not lucky enough to be at PAX Aus in person, you’ll be able to watch all the action via livestream and on-demand video right here on GameSpot, so stay tuned after the show!

11:30 AM – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Panel

Super Smash Bros. started off as a crazy experiment by Nintendo that morphed into a game of enormous scope—insanely spanning more than 30 game franchises and featuring third-party characters. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due out in December, join us as we rummage through Smash’s history, look at how it’s revived dead franchises, discuss what we want to see in the upcoming game, talk about how it has become a popular competitive fighting game, and learn a few tips from the pros.

PANELISTS: David Johnson [Publication Director, Zelda Universe], Shona Johnson [Project Manager, Zelda Universe], Cody Davies [Community Manager, Zelda Universe], Jack “Pudge” Gorman [Smash Tournament Organiser, Couch Warriors], Joshua “Sora” Lyras [Pro Melee player, ORDER], Nick “Extra” McKenzie [Pro Smash 4 player, Dark Sided]

1:00 PM – Let’s Hack A Video Game!

Have you ever wondered how you might go about breaking into a video game, and twisting its gross, hidden insides to your will? Join Lance McDonald (Warpchair), known for cracking open hidden Bloodborne and Dark Souls secrets, as he performs a live hack of PS1 horror classic Silent Hill using only cutting edge technology from 1999. We’ll show processes, talk methods, and answer your questions about video game hacking!

PANELISTS: Edmond Tran [AU Editor, GameSpot], Lance McDonald [Warpchair]

2:30 PM – Voice Actor Showdown

When it comes to building memorable characters in a game, what you see on screen is only part of the story. So what goes into creating an entire character with just your voice? We grill the experts on the voice acting process and put them through their paces recreating their favourite characters (and maybe a few new ones) live on stage.

PANELISTS: Claire Reilly [Senior Editor, CNET], Cissy Jones [Voice Actor, The Walking Dead, Firewatch], Courtenay Taylor [Voice Actor, Regular Show, Fallout 4]

4:00 PM – Hitman 2: Six Million Ways to Die…Choose One

Join IO Interactive’s Eskil Møhl for an hour of creative, murderous hijinks as he goes hands-on with Hitman 2. And he wants you, the PAX audience, to be an accessory!

PANELISTS: Eskil Møhl [Associate Game Director, IO Interactive], Edmond Tran [AU Editor, GameSpot]

5:30 PM – Zelda Universe Presents: Ocarina of Time, 20 Years Later

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Ocarina of Time, a game that not only influenced the Legend of Zelda series for decades but also quite literally changed the video game landscape. We return to the polygons of the past and discuss how it shaped the industry, whether the game still deserves its accolades, whether it’s still relevant today, and if it’s been surpassed by more recent titles. There will be trivia with prizes for correct answers, so brush up on your knowledge of the game.

PANELISTS: Shona Johnson [Project Manager, Zelda Universe], David Johnson [Publication Director, Zelda Universe], Cody Davies [Community Manager, Zelda Universe], Sebastian Wilkinson [Contributor, Zelda Universe]

10:30 AM – What?! Pokémon is Evolving!

Join a group of six Pokémon community leaders and competitive players, as they come together to talk about how the series has evolved since Red and Blue first fired upon our GameBoys. From how Pokémon GO helped revive the franchise to taking the next steps with Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee!, to picking up some pro tips from actual champs on your road to competitive Pokémon Mastery, to maybe a few extra surprises, there’s no better place for Pokémaniacs to be this weekend.

PANELISTS: Emma Williams, Sam Pandelis, Russell Peters, Tiffany Keane, Alfredo Cheng-Gonzalez, Jesse Wilsone

12:00 PM – Lee Carvallo’s Simpsons Game Reviewing Challenge

You’ve seen plenty of reviews of real Simpsons games, but what about the fictional games of The Simpsons? How DO you Escape From Grandma’s House? What’s the best way to win Triangle Wars? Our panel of Simpsons Superfriends review the best Simpsons games that absolutely don’t exist… except in our cromulent imaginations. As they say in Bonestorm, “Come to this panel or go to hell!”

PANELISTS: Claire Reilly [Senior Editor, CNET], Lucy O’Brien [Games & Entertainment Editor, IGN], Mark Serrels [AU Editor, CNET], Edmond Tran [AU Editor/Senior Producer, GameSpot], David Milner [Editor, Game Informer Australia]

1:30 PM – This Year’s Indie Game-Changer

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t just revolutionised the way we play games, but also the games we’re open to playing. Indie games are seeing a lot of success on the hybrid console, so join a panel of Aussie independent game developers as they share their stories about how the Switch has changed the landscape, and share their favourite Nindies.

PANELISTS: Joe Park [Harmonious Games], Ash Ringrose [SMG Studios], Henrik Pettersson [The Voxel Agents], Matthew Rowland [League of Geeks], Eugenia Woo [Switch Focus], Edmond Tran [GameSpot]

3:00 PM – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Let’s Play

Let’s keep this friendly! The biggest ever Smash Bros. game is coming soon. Very soon. So soon that we’re getting a whole theatre in on the training for its arrival! A Nintendo exclusive, come and check out panel teams take on Smash and the audience on the big screen!

PANELISTS: Edmond Tran [GameSpot], Jess McDonell [GameSpot], Mark Serrels [CNET], Dan Crowd [IGN], Shannon Grixti [Press Start], Eugenia Woo [Switch Focus]

4:30 PM – We Rate Video Games Dogs

Watch as we review some of the best (and worst) dogs in gaming. They’re good video game dogs, Brent.

PANELISTS: Mark Serrels [CNET], Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen, Leah Williams, Goldie Bartlett, Amanda Yeo

10:30 AM – Getting Started Painting Miniatures

Some of the most impressive board games and RPGs today bring us amazing miniatures. If you want to help bring your tabletop adventures to life but don’t know where to begin, start here and step into the world of miniature painting! Join us as we show you how to get started on your miniature painting journey, and take you through the simple steps to go from a bare model to your very first miniature masterpiece.

PANELISTS: Marc Chee [Marc Chee], Natalie Szymczak [Eva Studios]

12:00 PM – Why The Mainstream Media’s Reporting On Fortnite Is Dumb And Harmful

The mainstream media’s coverage of the popular battle royale game Fortnite has been discouraging. Over-the-top, sensational, and unsubstantiated stories are hurting gaming’s perception for the mainstream audience. Come watch a panel of experts discuss why that’s happening and what can be done about it.

PANELISTS: Alice Clarke [Herald Sun], Tim Biggs [Sydney Morning Herald], Chris Ferguson [Stetson Univesity], Raelene Knowles [IGEA], Eddie Makuch [Gamespot]

1:30 PM – Video Games, Ya Baw Bag

Can you guess what video game the angry Scottish man is talking about in his beguiling Scottish brogue? We challenge a host of Australia’s best games journalists. Can you understand a single word of what this guy is saying?

PANELISTS: Mark Serrels [CNET], Claire Reilly [CNET], Joab Gilroy [Red Bull], Jess McDonell [GameSpot], Dan Crowd [IGN]

3:00 PM – The Great Port Resurgence

Ports, remasters, and remakes of games are getting increasingly common. But how does a new version of a game change the way we see it and play it? We talk about the value and apprehension behind HD re-releases and Nintendo Switch ports, and try to come to a definitive conclusion of what works and what doesn’t.

PANELISTS: Pete Hines [Bethesda], Lee May [Defiant Development], Dean Woodward [League of Geeks], Jess McDonell [GameSpot], Edmond Tran [GameSpot]

4:30 PM – One Perfect Game’s Mario Tennis Invitational 2018

It’s time to lace up the Dunlop Volleys, string up the rackets and step on the court. Eight of Australia’s best and brightest streamers, podcasters and presenters will duke it out in a highly prestigious Mario Tennis Aces tournament in what is sure to be a smash hit. Come and help cheer your favourite gaming personality to glory!

PANELISTS: Matt Tilby [Podcaster/Presenter, One Perfect Game/Sabotage Media], Naysy [Twitch Broadcaster, Naysy (Twitch)], Vondle [Twitch Streamer/Influencer, Vondle], Maedi [Streamer/Marketing Manager, Hanabee Entertainment/Maedi], HolmesInFive [Twitch Streamer, HolmesInFive], JackHuddo [Partnered Twitch Streamer, JackHuddo], Alexander Foldi [Caster/Commentator]

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