The next big Destiny 2: Forsaken update, 2.0.5, arrives next Tuesday, bringing with it some big quality-of-life improvements and a new questline for getting your friends to play the game.

The most important change the update makes is to how exotic weapons and armor will drop. Exotics are currently hyper-rare in Forsaken (far moreso than they were in vanilla Destiny 2), and players would often get the same exotics, often from year one, multiple times. This won’t be the case come October 30, when the update hits.

While Bungie had previously announced this change, it detailed how the change would work this week. “When you’re receiving an exotic, we will take into account all exotics you’ve found, and weight them against Exotics you have yet to acquire; this lowers the chances of receiving Exotics you already own,” Bungie says on its official blog. Armor pieces will be more much more common, too, since they have random rolls (making duplicates useful), and exotics received from quests are no longer in the pool of loot you can get from an exotic engram.

Additionally, Masterwork cores will be retitled Enhancement cores. These new cores, which are still used for infusing weaker items with stronger ones, will be easier to get; they’ll drop from the Spider’s weekly bounties, as well as Scrapper bounties that come from dismantling gear.

Finally, along with some buffs to Trace Rifles and quest exotics Wish-Ender and Malfeasance, The October 30 update will add a new refer-a-friend questline, which will offer bonuses to the both the veteran player who recruits a new player and the newbie. This includes a new shader for ships, sparrows, and an ornament for the exotic sniper rifle Borealis, as well as a new emblem, all of which have scaly glow that changes color over time.

Any player who currently owns Destiny 2 qualifies as a veteran, while only those who’ve owned Destiny 2: Forsaken for fewer than seven days qualify as a new player.

For the full breakdown of weapon changes and quality-of-life changes, check out the full blog post.

[Source: Bungie]


The refer-a-friend quest comes a bit too late for me, unfortunately – I recently had someone make the switch from PC to PS4, which would have been the perfect time for them to be a “new player” for the refer-a-friend program. Oh well. The masterwork and exotic changes are a delight to see, as I’ve yet to get the 10 new exotics necessary to complete a trophy requirement.


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