Yooka-Laylee has never made any bones about how close to the traditional N64 platformers of yore it hews to, to the point where people have mistaken it as a sequel to Banjo-Kazooie at a glance. One of the game’s promises from near launch dives deeper into that idea by introducing a 64-Bit Tonic, which Team 17 says makes the game look like a N64 title while avoiding all the copyrights of using those words.

Some fans are a little annoyed, considering the length of time between the announcements and updates. Comments on the post complain that they thought it would actually be a real low-poly mode that looks like N64 games, when the 64-bit tonic in Yooka-Laylee appears to be lower settings, a lower capped framerate, and some filters instead – which, to be clear, is not less than what Team 17 promised.

There’s still no date for the release of the tonic, however, so there could still be some time to go before it makes it out to consumer hands. At the moment, though, this doesn’t seem to be plucking at the nostalgia strings fans hoped it would be. When it does release, the Tonic update will be on all supported platforms.

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