A new Halloween movie is in theaters, giving Jamie Lee Curtis the chance to rule the big screen once again as her iconic character Laurie Strode goes toe-to-toe with psychotic killer Michael Myers one more time. It’s the first time that Curtis has been in the role since 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, which saw the death of Laurie come early in the film. Thankfully, the new Halloween pretends that–and every other movie after the first–never happened. The following contains spoilers for Halloween, so stop reading here if you haven’t seen the movie.

Interestingly, Laurie isn’t the only character Curtis is playing in the new film. While she’s not credited for it, the film legend also did a bit of voice acting work. In one scene, early in the film, Michael is killing people on–when else–Halloween. In one scene, he goes into a house and kills a woman with a hammer, before walking into her living room and pausing when he hears a crying baby.

Audiences are left in suspense, wondering if Michael is actually enough of an evil entity to murder an infant, before he simply moves on and continues his killing spree down the block. That crying baby, though, is Curtis.

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Director David Gordon Green revealed as much to GameSpot and a few other outlets during the Halloween junket. “She does this f***ing baby cry, and so when we got really close, we used a real baby cry,” he said. “As you hear it coming around, you can hear a baby’s cry softly in the background. It’s her. But that was just a last minute idea.”

It was so last minute because originally, this moment wasn’t in the script. Instead, it was suggested by a crew member when they realized there was a blank spot in the living room Michael was walking through.

“At the last minute, we’re like, ‘there’s this boring gap here,'” Green remembered. “So it was going to be her husband asleep on the sofa and it’s like, ‘Who gives a s*** about her husband sleeping on the sofa? Whatever.’ But a baby crying, you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s an ethical choice here.'”

Naturally, we had to ask Curtis to demonstrate her hidden talent, which she was able to do on cue and to perfection. “That’s called an Easter egg,” she said.

Halloween is in theaters.


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