Along with some pretty high praise from critics (including Game Informer’s own Dan Tack), Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has also gained some pretty high sales numbers from customers, breaking a few sales records on the digital sales front.

Activision has announced Black Ops 4 has sold more digital copies in its first day than any other game in Activision history, beating out Call of Duty: WWII’s previous record and becoming the most popular Activision title on the Xbox One storefront. It’s also broken the first-day record for any full game release on the PlayStation Store. Black Ops 4 also sold twice as much as WWII on PC, likely owing to this being the first game in the series to release on instead of Steam. The company did not release specific overall or platform-specific sales, however.

For more on Black Ops 4, check out our recent New Gameplay Today Live using the game’s split-screen feature, as well as our coverage hub for the game below.

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