As part of the deal Sony made with Marvel Studios over the character Spider-Man, Sony planned to use the inevitable success of a Marvel Cinematic Universe-tied Spider-Man movie to make other movies in the universe of Spider-Man Homecoming. One of these is the upcoming Venom, while another planned project was Silver & Black, a buddy-cop movie with Black Cat and Silver Sable.

According to Variety, the movie has been put on ice and split apart to two separate movies. That means that separate Black Cat and Silver Sable movies are joining the currently in-development Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Silk, Jackpot, and Nightwatch movies in Sony’s Spider-Man universe roster at various states of progress.

“We believe Black Cat is enough of her own character with a great backstory and a canon of material to draw from to justify her own film,” president of Columbia Pictures Sanford Panitch told Variety.

Venom releases in theaters on October 5. Spider-Man will (presumably) play some role in the next Avengers film scheduled for May.

[Source: Variety]


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