Nintendo sent out a reminder today to let people know that the Nintendo Online subscription service still exists, but did narrow down when we can expect it.

The online service for the Switch, which runs about $20 a year for one person or $34.99 a year for a group of up to seven, will be launching in the second half of September. That means the service’s launch is a little over a month away. 

The rest of Nintendo’s reminders were information we already knew, including that cloud saves are only for compatible games, but Nintendo has not included a list. That might mean it is every game but Pokemon or only certain games like how video recording functions now.

Games that are currently free to play online like Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis Aces will require a subscription when the service goes live next month.


It’s weird how they still have not detailed the online service a month before release, several parts of the website still say “Details coming soon.” It gives the impression they’re either unprepared or withholding because they know it will sound bad. They haven’t even listed all the NES games yet. Sending out a reminder of information we mostly already knew without anything new makes me think it’s a combination of both.

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