PUBG came out of Early Access back in December on PC, but the game is still not in a state that some fans and developer PUBG Corp. would like to see it in. The studio is putting a lot of resources into getting PUBG to a better place, it seems, and one part of that is a new website called “Fix PUBG.”

Why that name? “This is a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot lately. Bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG’s true potential, and you want it fixed,” reads a line on the website. “So we think it’s time to do something about it.”

Fix PUBG will be a “months-long campaign” that will see PUBG Corp. update and improve the game with fan-requested features and more. The purpose of the Fix PUBG website is to offer a level of transparency so fans understand the what, why, and when of it all.

The campaign is set to run from August through October, though PUBG Corp. stressed that it will always be looking into how it can expand and improve upon PUBG over time.

The website shows off a roadmap of changes for things like client performance, server performance, anti-cheat, matchmaking, bug fixes, and quality-of-life issues, along with specific timelines for when those problems will be addressed in the August-October period.

Go to the Fix PUBG website to learn more.

While PUBG’s profile and popularity may have fallen in recent months due in part to the huge spike of interest in Fortnite, it remains massively popular. The game had a peak concurrent player figure of more than 1.1 million today, which is almost double the next highest game.

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