Sunday, June 13, 2021



Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5, Sonic, And More Remade In Dreams

Dreams isn't just a game--it's also an amazing platform that lets your imagination run wild, and players can create their own art, music, and even full game experiences. Naturally people will try to recreate or pay homage to...

My Hero Academia – Season 4 Official Teaser | Jump Festa

Take a look at this teaser trailer for Season 4 of My Hero Academia shown at Jump Festa Read More

Fortnite Challenge Guide: Expedition Outpost Locations (Season 7, Week 4)

We might be in the Christmas break period but that doesn't mean the Fortnite challenges are on...

The Rise And Fall Of Stadia Games And Entertainment

In February 2021, Google dropped a bomb that no one expected: it was closing Stadia Games and Entertainment, its first-party studio tasked with developing games for its streaming service, Stadia. The news seemingly came out of nowhere. Or...